Dont half ass it
- The whole humpty or NOT at all . . .

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This may be just me, but I doubt it.

Every time I see someone – and there are many – go through a workout with the “ho hum” attitude (not always obvious, but you can tell!) – it irritates the hell out of me.

Not that I say anything.

And actually, the right term to use here would not be “irritates”- that happens more when I see sloppy form being not just executed, but paraded around the park or wherever the person is (no, i dont go and dispense advice where it’s not wanted, or asked for, and where it probably would not do any good anyway, unlike the idiots who come up to me when I squat and implore me not to go “ass to grass” to keep the “pressure on the thighs” or some such wacko nonsense – ugh – to each his own, but I am simply talking me here) …

… I should say, it makes me sigh and shake my head.

Like, how can someone just go through entire workouts daily with that sort of attitude…

I see it in long distance runners all the time, fatigued to a T, doing their damndest just to get through what is another interminably long and boring workout…

Dont get me wrong.

At the fag end of a tough tough workout – obviously you’ll drag a bit.

Hey, that Undertaker like walk I did on the fourth or fifth hill climb daily in China in blazing hot and humid weather, sometimes at midday (when people labeled me crazy for doing it in weather where breathing felt like “fire being sucked into your lungs with each pant”) . . . I remember it. It happens.

But I’m not talking end of a brutal workout, or extreme Ironman workouts.

I’m talking when you go through the motion on any exercise, but thats it.

To me, 100 squats a day is the bare minimum (in terms of squats as an example) someone should do.

I make sure to knock out between 150-250 at the least daily.

But even if you do 100, you put oomph into each rep.

You make each rep count.

Same thing for pull-ups. You might grip harder, or you might pause for 5 seconds at the top of each rep, and do sets of 5-8 that way.

And 20 might be all you do sometimes.

But hell, whatever you do, make the damn exercise COUNT – if you can’t “feel it” you aint doing it right . . .

Thats  my take on it, anyway.

Go the whole humpty, or not at all. . .

And that, my friend is the lesson of the day – short, sweet and simple.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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