More on my thoughts on FASTING!
- And more "contradictory" TRUTHS. Hehe.

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Lots of people have this idea of fasting being something that “weakens you” – that is “only for fat people” – that is “not good for you regularly” – and so forth.

That you shouldn’t train hard on an empty stomach.

That “three meals a day” is the way to go.

That “fats” are bad for you.

And other utter rubbish I debunk in the Simple and Effective Diet, and have debunked for years in all my writing.

To me, if there is one thing missing from most people’s training regimens and something MOST people need – it is FASTING.

Most people, even fit people could do with a prolonged fast once a month.

You dont necessarily need to start with days on end like I did either – I jumped straight into a 2.5 day fast when I first did it – but I’m a huge proponent of “sink or swim” as you can tell (not a bad thing, but not everyone is ready for that).

Most people are so damned addicted to food.

It’s the mental barrier that is toughest to break and the whining about “I didnt have a meal today” or other bullshit you hear so often, especially these days.

Animals in the wild – you dont hear them piss and moan about how … well, you dont hear Mr Tiger for one gripe about losing strength, power, stunning speed, reflexes and flexibility and the lot “because he didnt eat for three nights in a row” do you?

NOT an extreme example either, humans evolved from animals.

Anyway …………………………….

Other than the fat loss benefits if you do it right – hint – SIMPLY fasting and being a slacker otherwise (just explained that term to the little girl, hehe) – will not do the trick, it may do the reverse.

You have to exercise in order for anything to happen, and keep doing it.

But other than fat loss, things I’ve noticed – yet again as I finish (I think) a 2 day fast … (I did another two days a while back) …

Mental focus increase x 10. My! If you’re a writer, artist, poet – well it just amplifies the vibe in your writing and real life both x … SO MUCH that I cannot even begin to tell you.

INCREASED flexibility often within HOURS. Not kidding you either.

Increased T production – BIG TIME – pun intended – for men.

And much more – NO, you dont lose muscle if done right – you GAIN.

I realize all this might sound very contradictory, so be it, but it’s all very true.

Try doing thick bar pull-ups – 50 in a workout – on a four day fast for one, and when you ace it, you’ll know what I mean. You have to, like with anything else do it to really feel it.

Do the thing, and you shall have the POWER, said the Sage of Concord the great Emerson, he was right as always, spot on.

But something I really wanted to point out – the “getting out of breath” that happens when you workout.

I’ve told you in the System – and Advanced Hill Training for one – how to deal with it (you’re missing out if you do not get BOTH these courses, value if there ever was!!!) …

… but you’ll notice one thing, if you’re not a wuss, if you can tough it out initially (though it doesnt seem like you’re toughing it out) – you’ll notice you can do MORE – and get “less” out of breath.

Sounds contradict-uh-reeeee dont it bro.

I know.

Especially if you’re a beached whale right now terrified at the idea of “skipping a meal” or an idiot who claims “I need six meals a day to maintain my muscle mass”.

But it ain’t.

It’s all flat on TRUE – fasting is something I have not covered in depth before, but it will be covered in an upcoming book – so stay tuned on that one.

For now, it is something I highly recommend EVERYONE works into their system once in a while, no matter if you’re fat, thin, skinny, pudge wudge, or whatever the status is.

Along with a proper exercise system, there are few better things you can do for your overall health and development.

I’m out.

Thought Id share that tho!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – By the way, I drink copious amounts of green tea while fasting. You dont have to. Water does just fine.

I also drink a ton of black coffee while fasting.

You dont have to either. . . more on this later.  (no, the coffee isn’t “to keep my energy levels up” and neither is the tea). It’s “something to sip on”, believe me, those grinds taste EVEN BETTER during a fast, all your senses get amplified SO!

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