Back at it …
- ... after a bit of a timeout!

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I’ve been sort of under the weather over the past three days – the weekend in general.

Time out time, truly – sometimes it happens to me, with all the intense workouts, full days of work, and everything else we all deal with – sometimes I just need some “time off”.

That doesnt mean I sit around and do nothing – but if I’m truly sick, I can FEEL it in my bones – much like I can when I’m well and thriving (most of the times).

When I am sick it usually ALMOST ALWAYS starts both in the head – and the gut.

The mind of course is the mental part of this, but the gut – well, for me, and anyone into real fitness, you know that if your CORE is not in great shape, or if you haven’t been working that core regularly, or if something goes wrong in the core (stomach, lets say) – then your WHOLE body gets affected.

Most people LIVE in that state on a daily basis, so for them it’s normal.

For me, it’s NOT.

Perhaps it was the extra spicy food I ate over the last week (tasted damn good tho, hehe) – perhaps it was all the stress moving sites etc over, perhaps it was all the stress from another business I’m working upon – and the manifold translations and so forth, whatever it was, I came down with a mild case of the flu or something, so took it easy for a couple of days.

(high fever, but nothing that rest wouldn’t solve, and it did).

Today, I HAD to workout.

Two days off, and the third was a light workout, workouts were on my mind since I woke up.

I HAVE to do it!

And as I walked outside to get some (very annoying) chores done (which I didnt really want to, hehe) – it had a dual purpose.

First, the chores, which never got done – long story.

Second, walking around jogged the brain a little.

And here I am, writing to YOU about all this …

Really, fellas, and ladies – and Brooks Kubik wrote about this in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training …

“If you’re REALLY sick, then take a few days off to recover. If it’s just a minor case of the sniffles, then a light workout may make you feel better”.

Key thing is to accurately know your body – judge- and be honest with yourself in terms of “if you’re really sick”.

And even if you are, chances are moving around a bit, even if it’s just a walk around the block, will make you feel a heck of a lot better.

Then you naturally graduate to brief workouts, and more and more.

Before you know it, you’re back in full swing!

Look, the mind and body operate in TANDEM, neither one works best without the other in optimal shape . . .

And to keep your mind and body FRESH, rejuventated and READY for all the challenges the world throws at us daily, intense, short, brief bodyweight workouts are the key my friend.

Exactly what I promote in the 0 Excuses Fitness system – get it NOW.

As a customer so rightly and adroitly once said “Rahul has all the resources you need to succeed”.

Now it’s up to YOU.

And it is, my friend, it is.

Take action NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups make for great mini workouts as well, and I’ve got so much variety in my book Pushup Central that you’ll NEVER run out of motivation while doing this great, great exercise. Get this book NOW my friend.

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