Why the world remembers WINNERS – and not the EFFORT
- And it holds true in all spheres.

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Let me start this one off a little differently – or maybe not.

In the movie Bloodsport -and there are tons of movies I could use here – Rocky I perhaps too – you see Van Damme’s character “Dukes” being relentlessly – and clumsily – and hilariously pursued by the FBI’s finest (I believe) through Hong Kong in the 1980’s. (which brings back memories in itself, not the pursuit personally, but the CITY — the walled city – – how it all used to be…) …

… its nothing short of hilarious, the way they run after Dukes, and how he literally toys with them pursuing him – yet, that is exactly how it works when fat phocks with no inkling of what real fitness is pursue someone with jack rabbit like speed, or a martial artist in general (a real one) . . .

But that isn’t what I’m talking about here.

End of the movie, they fail to capture him – and the old man in charge figures “if I can’t beat him, I’ll join him”. Grudgingly, these guys are literally forced to show up for the very fight that they were pursuing Dukes halfway around the world for (to stop him fighting “because Uncle Sam has invested too much in you”).

And through the final two fights you see them worried – and then HAPPY – and then exhilarated.

In typical movie style, van damme triumphs ultimately – and all those AGAINST him – are now vociferously FOR HIM.

Thats how it works in life, my friend.

The world loves to kick a man when he is down, and takes great pleasure in doing so, or not supporting him, or whatever form that takes, and if you try your best, yet you lose – guess what.

I wont quite say what Sean Connery did in the Rock i.e. “losers whine about trying their best, winners go home and fuck the PROM QUEEN!” – but I will say that if you truly try your best at something, whatever that something might be, if you’re cut out for it, and if you keep at it, chances are you will succeed big ultimately no matter what else happens.

But if you “try your best and lose” or “try and whine”, or whatever, your effort?

The world wont remember it, my friend.

The world likes to remember WINNERS, my friend – the feel good portion of things.

The world likes end results, and good ones.

The world in general doesnt particularly care about WHAT you did to achieve said result.

So, my question to YOU.

You could be an office workers, business man, retired person, or just an average Joe, or a fitness expert, or an Ironman, or what not.

But my question.

Here it is – have YOU ever been the BEST at something you do – done something that few other, or any people have?

Have YOU ever really pushed yourself – come out on top?

Have YOU succeeded at those hidden goals and desires we all have – if not – have you really tried?

The answers to these questions in my opinion separates the winners in life – and fitness -and everything – from the LOSERS.

And perhaps I should rephrase – these are questions you should ask “looking back”.

If you’re 40, perhaps thats a good time to start introspecting, but really speaking, when you’re 80 years old, when you look back – regrets – or none?

Be honest when you answer that question, my friend.

The only way to live life, my friend is go the whole humpty at everything.

To be the BEST, the very best at what you DO – what you promote – your work – whatever you do, to “execute excellently” if I might borrow the term from Bret Hart . . . (or whoever in the WWF/E coined it!).

Fitness wise, how does this apply you might ask.

It does, bro.

HAVE you ever accomplished those goals in terms of pull-ups?

HAVE you ever got up to 500 squats without stopping (no, simply saying I did it doesnt mean you did either!) ?

HAVE you managed those stretches you’ve always wanted to do?

HAVE you ever done 500 pushups per workout for a while?

Those are just some common goals a lot of people have, and never get to – mostly due to lack of trying.

Trust me, if someone like me who was genetically disadvantaged from the get go, and had a host of other so called disadvantages did it – and did it in STYLE, so can YOU, my friend.

But, the will has to be there – I cannot place that in you for you!

I can INSPIRE you to do, yes, but there are a lot who won’t be inspired to do no matter what. Hehe.

And thats fine.

I’m here for the select bunch of doers who understand that “second sucks”.

I’m here for those of you that understand life is about WINNING – without a “h” and one less “n”. Hehe.

And for those of you that have the desire to DO fitness wise, but haven’t done as yet – well, if you truly desire ultimate levels of fitness that will leave the average Shmoe gaping as you “pass by” – that will reduce goals to DUST as you pass one after the other – that will get you in the best damned shape of your life at ages you never thought you’d get close, if ever, and so forth … well, start building the foundation right now.

Via the 0 Excuses Fitness System – YES, truly the BEST for the BEST.

I’ll see you onboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Life wise, Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore are great reads. Not to mention my Fitness Central series too, all so inspiring you’ll never ever want to put these books down!

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