The Mr Olympia BUFFOONERY!
- Another huge ugh.

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You know who I’m talking about, and the competitions dont you??

Those puffed monster with muscles so puffy that you wonder if they’re even human, those bloated fools with peckers the size of 1 inch you know what and shrinking by the hour – those nuts who cannot live without their capsules, pills, and constant worry about “muscles not being pumped” – those unnatural looking bodies with muscles pumping everywhere … just, UGH!

I believe I have a photo on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page?

I believe I talked to one of the wannabes for that competition, curiously enough although the health of the contestants is the polar opposite of anywhere near healthy, the tourney is marketed as being “the epitome of health” and people fall for it … mentioned on the Shoulders like Boulders! page.

I’ve often wondered whats the point of “building” – I use that term sparingly – yourself up or DOWN to the point you can barely squat to take a dump or lift your arms up to put a shirt on (no, I aint kidding on the examples, there are MORE extreme examples)??

I mean, a 12 pack may look “good” (ugh!!) but when it can’t do a damn thing, when you could punch a hole in it with your breath almost, whats the bloody point???

Yet, it continues for ages, still does, tells you what society has been slowly turning into for ages, a bunch of wusses and NOT real folks, a bunch of sissy boys and whimpering Mama’s boys for the most part that all want the easy way out that leads to nowhereville.


Rant and a half, but then again, here is what I heard back from a great customer (again, carrying on from HERE) …

Hello Rahul

I was also referring to the mass monsters being just too heavy/massive to do pull-ups.

Most if not all of the old time/old school bodybuilders from the “golden age” either used bodyweight exercise extensively or at a minimum included exercises like Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups and Dips regularly in their workouts.

Since the late 1980’s there has been an emphasis on becoming as massive as humanly possible, it is since then that there has been the inclusion of human growth hormone and insulin on top of the massive amounts of testosterone and anabolic steroids these bodybuilders take.

These people may be able to Squat 3 times their bodyweight with a bar but ask them to crank out Hindu Squats and they fail miserably, their strength to weight ratio is also out of whack, it is not just fat people who struggle to complete even the most basic of bodyweight exercises.

Pulling yourself up over a bar is “training for survival” it can be likened to pulling yourself over a high wall/fence if you’re being pursued by some enemy soldiers (for when China overthrows India) and you want to evade capture.

The term “functional strength” should not exist, this should be the norm for all but the sickest/oldest of our society but with every passing year the masses get sicker and weaker to the extent that they struggle to do even the simplest of tasks.

Anyway got go for now, take care my friend.

I would have left out the politics (what people call politics, what I call reality) OUT of this, yet, in the sort of mood I am NOW, I aint either.

If my response offends, so be it. If you can find a proper counter to it logically, I’m all fucking ears, but please dont come back to me whining about how politically incorrect t is to say what I am, because it’s TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Completely agree – that is what I meant by people having a “different definition of strength” these days i.e. they may bench the house once or twice, but ask them to do 25 proper pushups, chances are they wont get past three if even that. Hehe.

Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of competitions like Mr Olympia which they fool the masses into thinking “thats the epitome of health”, when those bloated muscles and the mess those guys are internally are the polar opposite, but that is what society has become these days, fake and “wusses” in general. Ugh. Nothing real anymore, been that way for years – and therefore, thanks for being one of the few ones remaining “the survivors” that DO keep it real, and always will! hehe (but I mean that my friend).

I’ve known people personally that take HGH and stuff, personally, I cannot understand why people do it – you can get all the T boost and what not you want from high intensity workouts, and they dont necessarily have to be bodyweight only either, I really think its the lure of “the easy way out” and “muscles sprouting” bullshit the modern day muscle media so popularizes.

Spot on w.r.t pull-ups! As for China overthrowing India, unfortunately you’re right, unless things change, that is precisely what will end up happening – – the masses here dont believe it, but those “in the know” do. . . (I just did a post with India in it “why I can’t stand beggars” – sadly, India is a bloody mess, considering it was truly a jewel in the crown back in the day, well, it’s just sad, a country with so much potential, except the public just dont give a shit about anything other than pissing and moaning in general, and doing F all to fix the problems they claim they hate, and there are so damn many, whats sad is these days theyre rationalizing it by saying “it happens everywhere” – no jt dont either. REALITY FUCKING CHECK! Ugh).

Anyway, along with the “she’s arisen from her pit” term you once used which I truly LOVE – the pictures that evokes , lol, SO TRUE! – what you said about functional strength and the term “should not be there”, and the reason for it not being there?

We should frame that and put it on people’s walls. Hehe. You’re so right – strength should be functional – period!

Tell people these days that, you might as well just “sometimes it’s easier to just give up” as I once saw a little boy (caricature) pissing out the words on the desk of a senior manager in China in 2002.

Ah, the memories of them days at the factory! At least life was somewhat normal back then, even if they had those massive rats running around lunch room at the factory while people ate if you can believe that. LOL – and UGH!



and then.

PS – Now in terms of “big guys” – look at ole Doug Hepburn. Bodyweight of over 250 kgs I believe, with all the genetic defects the man was born with – became a champ to the point he was doing handstand pushups on DIPPING BARS OF ALL THINGS! I still remember the SHOCKED LOOK my buddy from the Marines, all 6’1″ of him gave me on that one – dont blame him!

Or, Bert Asserati the old time English wrestler and his one arm handstands… list goes on and on – THAT is real STRONGMAN STUFF!


Rahul Mookerjee

And there it is, my friend.

And thats what I base my entire business on.

REAL WORDS, real STUFF, REAL TRAINING – that really works.

Brutal, bare bones, in the trench, REAL STUFF.

Get you some NOW if you so choose!


Rahul Mookerjee

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