Why I can’t stand BEGGARS
- Anywhere!

I dont know how I got onto this subject.


But I’ve lost it SO many times in the subcontinent – to a lesser extent in China as well,  but a much, much lesser extent – with these goddamned BEGGARS!

The problem is particularly pernicious in the subcontinent where the begging mafia basically does all it can to … ah, but let me start with a PICTURE.

You’re standing there on the road – or driving a car, minding your own damn business

Some beggar, usually a woman with a sickly kid in tow (usually one she carries in her arms) which show up begging for money with tons of sob stories, and an appearance that if you didnt know better youd fall for “oh, POOR lady!” some would think.

And hand over the cash.

These fuckers though, both male and female for the most part – you wont believe it, but come nighttime they shed their outer skin and don fancy clothes and drive, as they say in India “long cars” all night long partying.

Quite literally – Google if you dont believe me.

And they harass bystanders for cash during the day.

Growing up, I never understood why my father wouldn’t give these idiots money – when I grew up a little more, I did.

You know whats really sad though?

The kids in India, and the subcontinent that are FORCED into a life of begging – at least while they’re young – often maimed by the mafia, and by and large, no-one really cares…

This same mafia of course does all it can to prey on kids, and loot people in other manners too.

And while not ALL beggars are part of the mafia, when you see an able bodied man or woman (and dont get me wrong, it applies equally, but the women these days take undue advantage of the feminism movement and … yes, it applies even to begging! I remember a guy telling me sardonically the problem is worse – she’s a woman, you can’t even say anything beyond a certain point!) begging for alms, you feel like whipping his or her ass, and telling him or her, as my wife once told a beggar “earn yourself, eat yourself”.

And so forth.

Ive been doing my damndest to teach my daugher to stay far the fuck away from this sort.

In China, they have high tech beggars with QR codes, but thankfully the problem is mostly gone along with a host of other social evils very much present in the subcontinent (and tolerated) such as child labor, for one – or the domestic help abuse – and much more.

Those in the subcontinent (my wife being one example) believe it happens in China or “everywhere” too because of the isolated cases you read about, but believe me, China despite all its faults is light years of India (China and the far East in general) and the subcontinent on all this (while knowing deep down inside I’m right – its just a way to justify her, and those who think that way “current reality”) – and I suspect you guys reading this deep down inside know it, even though it aint the politically correct thing to say.

Anyway, I’ve lost it on occasion in China too as you know, because I hate being PESTERED for no reason, and me being a lao wai in China, working out, the nuts coming up wanting to take selfies, wechat’s, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway ………….

Applies to life too.

We all need HELP once in a while or more than it, thats fine.

But HANDOUTS and those constantly wanting them are different, you can spot that sort from a country mile away, and I personally do all I can to keep them away from THIS here business.

Because that ain’t the just do it spirit.

It aint the buckle down to bare bones, brass tacks and get her DONE thang.

And thats that from me.


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Why people claim “they hate all of this” but do exactly F all to fix things other than blame the government (curiously enough formed by the PEOPLE) is beyond me. Maybe someone from or in India can tell me!

In the meantime, ANCIENT India, now THAT was a gem! Pity things are what they are now, but ancient India was where it all came from – fitness included.

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