If you aint squatting, you aint training.


Yes, period.

I dont care what the lazy asses say about step-ups being an equivalent, I dont care what fitness gurus , myself included , tell you about OTHER forms of equally brutal (in some ways, not all) leg training like climbing hills and such – those work big time, hell yes, they do – but nothing, and I’ve said this before tons of times, replaces the squat.

Nothing at all, that up and down motion you get from squats CANNOT be replicated by any other exercise, my friend.

Now, for a long time – well, a few months I’ve been thinking about this one book “Squat 101“, which with all else going on, and there is just so much happening right now, has been put on the backburner, along with a lot of other great books in the offing.

And today, I put EVERYTHING to the side.

I even almost closed my door “not to be disturbed”, curiously enough, I wasn’t anyway. when you’re damned and determined to do something, the Universe makes sure you do just that, the seas part, the WORLD makes way for you!

And I made more progress on Squat 101, including getting the sales page – the book is almost done, I just need to get the pictures taken and put the workouts in (which the first part will take longer, if you can believe that. I’m terrible at taking photos and videos, I dislike them, but we all do what we dont like sometimes! Hehe).

I like the WRITING part, as you might imagine, I love it, that part is DONE already.

Anyway …

I’ve spoken tomes before about why nothing replaces the squat, my friend.

If you ain’t on board as yet, you probably either are new here or shouldn’t be here – or have not been paying attention, NO exceptions.

The comment linked in the title of this email, post, what have you – semantics, ugh – is MINE.

And many a great writer has said it before in different terminology.

In the great bodyweight training Dinsoaur Bodyweight Training, Brooks Kubik talks about how you should do bodyweight squats, and do them your entire life.

In Combat conditioning, another classic book, Matt Furey says “if you aren’t doing Hindu squats, you’re not really doing Combat conditioning”.

And so forth.

In my book 0 Excuses Fitness, which has been very widely acclaimed as “the very best in bodyweight fitness out there, there is nothing that comes EVEN CLOSE” – I devote a attention to squats yes, but not nearly ENOUGH. (in my opinion, at least, although I have not heard anyone else say it!).

all along, I had this niggling feeling I wasn’t devoting “enough attention to squats”.

I did to pushups, yes.

But even then I came out with Pushup Central – another classic manual with 55 different ways on how to perform “the world’s oldest exercise” and that was both very well received and very warranted (and a classic example of DOING the thing first even though “no-one asked for it”).

Sometimes you gotta DO first.

The customer – YOU – sometimes has to be SHOWN the final product – FIRST.

And back to squats, for some reason, a lot of the great books on bodyweight training culture don’t talk a lot about ‘em. Or if they do, they dont talk a LOT on them.

This exercise is worth its weight in gold, and deserves a book unto itself, or several.

I mean that!

EVERY serious fitness enthusiast and trainee MUST have this book sitting on their mantelpiece along with 0 Excuses Fitness, Gorilla Grip and Pushup Central (for starters).

It’s been in the offing for ages, and I feel like a bit of a fool for not getting to this one earlier, hehe. (but all happens when it’s supposed to happen, livin in the FLOW as it were).

And you’d be a fool TOO, my friend not to reserve it now – while we’re having a pre-order special for it, and the prices are as low as you’ll ever see on this one, my friend.

If you claim you’re into fitness, but don’t want this book, if you claim “you like brutal and intense training” but shy away from squats in all their forms, shape and guises, if you say you’re in top shape but cannot do 100 squats without pausing for breath, if you don’t do squats damn near daily, you ain’t training my friend, and neither are you really serious about your fitness regimen.

That’s the brutal honest hard truth – I hate to break it to you – but it’s true.

This book is simply a MUST have, period, I’m not EVEN going to hype it any more than that, the BOOK, the EXERCISE, speaks for itself.

Jump on this – NOW, and HERE is where you go to do so- Squat 101.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As ole Steve Austin once said “I dont care what else you do, if you train, you’ll grow!”

and if a wrestler on the road, all banged up most of the time with a 100 niggles and injuries and so forth says that, an ass kicker (bonafide if there ever was one) says so, if the Great Gama who swore by this one great exercise amongst others said so and DID so, if countless others have said so and done so and achieved greatness, then you can be sure this book will help YOU TOO, my friend.

Again, HERE is the link to place that pre-order.

DO so.