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I’ll never forget an instance in China where we (my buddy from the Marines and myself) were discussing a hypothetical scenario of “what if they come to get us” (enough said on that one, please dont ask me why. Much like the discussion on whether the lion is stronger and a better fighter than the TIGER, hehe, it just came out of nowhere.

I dont know if Vincent is reading this. Probably not.

But I still stick, and always will to my assertion the TIGER kicks ass, and the lion is a pale imitation – and does NOT deserve the moniker King of the Jungle – Savannah, maybe, not a king though (he doesnt even hunt, I guess thats why he’s called the King?) – NOT the jungle definitely.

And you, my brother will stick to your version ie the lion.

We’ll hopefully meet up for some cold ones soon and discuss this further).

Anyway ……..

And then I asked him “what if they try and stop me” (we were discussing security in some form, ie stop me, “Twiggy” as out of shape panting Bozos like to call me or “in superb shape” as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once called me, or my buddy from the Marines – take your pick) …

… “I ain’t a battletank like you, brother”, I remember saying.

Looking at him, even an Abrams tank would make way. Hehe.

I’m not THAT big, I remember him saying. Hehe. Great guy!!

Anyway, his response was one of the ages.

“YOU????” he literally exploded.

“STOP YOU????”

“Have you seen you?? I mean, look at you!”

They’re not going to even try and stop you!

And thats all he said. And that was enough said on a question I already knew the answer too.

LOL. But he said it in such a sage, from the heart manner I had to mention it!

Marc the African silverback Gorilla was less prosaic, and more direct as he always is .

He made a gesture of walking out, with arms spread, as if you’re carrying heavy items.

“Just walk out of there, heavy ass suitcase in each hand!”

Sage, hehe.

Reminds me of my friend Jay who once looked at a photo of mine (he hadn’t seen me for years) and then exclaimed –

“I train, but not like you! I go to the gym, but not like YOU, MACHO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

OR, a guy I know Ricky “tune body to badi solid bana rakhai hai!”

(translation – you’ve built a pretty solid body there!)

Anyway again …

Growing up these guys like a certain Vivian Richards, for one.

All 6’4″ four inch of this gum chewing monster carrying a bat heavy as a club probably and wielding it like one too, striding on to the cricket field menacingly, GUM CHEWING SWAGGER, legs PUMPING – core STRONG AND TONED – STARING the bowlers, no slouches back then with that heavy ass leather ball in their hands, NOT wearing a helmet, refusing to – and going at it tonkity tonk.


Swash bucking machisom, I remember thinking, PIRATE!!! (truly from the Carribean. Hehe).

Or, Big Matt the Bat from Australia, Matthew Hayden mentioned on the Battletank Shoulders! page – big, huge burly with a chest that looked literally armor plated and made him look 3x as broad as everyone else, with another club x 10 for a cricket bat …


“Now thats a big boy!” I remember an ex exclaiming once (she was American, knew nothing about cricket).

Bully boy was his cricket persona (off the field, the reverse, so it should be).

You dont necessarily have to be big either, my friend

You have to “have it though”. Its something internal, you cannot fake it, it SHOWS.

Ricky Ponting, Aussie cricket great (batter) had it.

Tiny enough guy, slim, sleek, strong forearms, but not big by ANY standard – had it.

You could feel it every time he walked onto that field, that STEELY gaze that he gave opponents, the UNWAVERING THOUSAND YARD stare – and his RESULTS!!!!

And the smackdowns he handed bowlers routinely all over the world, hehe.

Growing up, I’ve always admired those sort of guys.

From a young age when I was trying to lift heavy items when moving, even my family, and I’m certainly not on the closest of terms with them, has called me that “macho man”. (to an extreme, admittedly, but so be it).

I still remember SMARTING When told to lift a briefcase instead of a heavy item at the age of six.


Anyway …

Jean Claude Van Damme once rightly made the comment about “The entire world loves to see two men FIGHT”.

Why – well, THIS email will tell you …

I’ll tell you this, if you’re a real man, that feeling of innate machismo, that UNDERSTATED swagger – cannot be beat.

Its what every real man wants deep down at the core my friend.

And training like a real man will get you there.

If you’re with me thus far, and want to develop “it” – that quality that will SET YOU APART from the rest – well, the two courses I’d recommend NOW are the following –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Animal Kingdom Workouts

Once you get damn good at these, report back, and I’ll advise more.

I sort of think at that point though you’ll be rushing to get ’em yourself…

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We’re currently having a pre-order special on what promises to be another brutal training course – Squat 101, it’s a must have if you’re in any way, I repeat ANY WAY serious about your physical and mental, for that matter, training. Check it out NOW, and place your pre-order NOW.

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