More on my 1.5 day fast and continuing …
- .. . . till I dont know when, hehe.

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I started an impromptu fast last night – which was easy to do, the impromptu part.

The SECRETS mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet right at the start of the book (no, not in the free preview, hehe) are things that would shock most of the so called experts, yet real men and doers like Herschel Walker for one and countless others have used them for centuries to whip themselves into super stellar shape like I have – and continue to.

One of these secrets is KEY to fat flying off your body at record speeds, and guess what, it doesnt involve a lick of exercise.

No, it doesn’t involve drinking any magic potion either . . .

To learn the key, you’ll have to get the book, yours truly gives it to you GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System (digital download).

Or get it on it’s lonesome, it sure can stand that way.

But this secret makes it very super easy for me to fast – without planning.

And 1.5 days into it?

I feel so damn good I want to go for three days more!

I dont know how long I’ll go, of course – it depends on my mood.

But while I felt somewhat “tired” last night, today?

This morning was hellatious to say the least, I ain’t even got a chance to sit down and drink my damned tea.

It started with the idiot mentioned in the last email (who I still have not heard back from, I doubt I ever will. Dumbass!) – then my phone for some reason kept shutting down, then the wife disappeared someplace, didnt take either one of her phones (dont ask) – then the mother asked where she was, I had no clue, no idea what to tell her, then I “went to find her” (a task unto itself), obviously I couldnt … and, well, the stories and tales that followed – UGH, just UGH.

Explains why I stay away from this situation in general, I’d rather be on my lonesome in China.

LONE WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, this thing they call family, I’ve no idea if most are this loony, I think they are.

Anyway …….

Point being, I’m hardly “run down” or not having energy.

I remember not jogging, but FLYING up a flight of stairs a while back.

And right now, I could focus on the pinpont of a laser, thats how focused and clear minded I feel ,and I have not even done much of a workout (other than a few stair sprints).

Herschel Walker would famously go on three day fasts, and he’d train for hours – kickboxing, pushups, heavy bag, the work – and for his combat fighting WHILE fasting.

True story, friend, and he aint the only one -I train even better on an empty stomach for DAYS.

Most people reading this will read, and look away saying “oh those people” …

And thats precisely why, as Donald Trump once famously said in the Art of The Deal, most people are content to watch stars on TV, star athletes and so forth. some of them may have as much or more talent, but they never try or have the confidence to try (or are LAZY – I put that in) – and so they remain where they are, watching the DOERS and stars on TV.

And he’s spot on.

Thats a great book, by the way ….

Now where does this leave you, my friend?

Simply this – I’ve got all the resources required and then some to kick your butt into super, stellar shape.

But end of the day, you have to be willing to DO the thing.

You have to be willing to make the investment in products and not run away “oh too much money” or some such utter BS while saving it for pizza and beer later.

You could do that, of course. Hey, it’s a free world, but bottom line remains, to become the best, learn from the best

To achieve what seems mind boggling NOW, do what it takes to get there, and again, going it on your lonesome wont work – if it did, you wouldnt be on this list eh?

Everyone WANTS it, precious few people are willing to LEARN and invest what it takes to learn from the best – BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

Rise UP!

Enough said . . .

And I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’ve never fasted before, I dont recommend jumping straight into a fast with NO prior prep or experience. In fact, I do NOT recommend it purely for weight loss either. I’d say you should already be in pretty super shape internally and externally before you attempt fasts, and work into it as well.

More in the book to come on it, but for now, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is what you need. Start there.

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