The A Holes that have been pestering me for months, and refuse to keep up to a DEAL!
- Man, what have people BECOME!

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Dear Reader,

I mean really.

What have people BECOME these days, the way people think – it’s just …

Last year I gave you an example of a guy who bought advertising on the site, then wimped out and wanted refunds (obviously all denied, since everything was done per his terms and conditions, yet, despite being told “there is nothing instant in life” – he wanted “instant results” (despite having AGREED to the  polar opposite i.e. he would advertise after making payment, and that was that, there was nothing about “results”, in fact I clearly told him he’d have to wait for results of any nature) … I could mention him here again, but even his story pales in comparison to these assholes I’ve been dealing with over the past few months.

Months ago, a certain “Miss Patel” contacted me about doing something similar on the site.

I told her our rates.

She, of course wanted to be a cheapskate and ignore the rate, and pay FAR less.

Ok – since  it seems to be a small barely funded startup (hey, I get it – I’ve been there!) with terrible management, but since they’ve clearly read what I write and like it – and want to base some of their own marketing on that, and pay for it – I agreed as a one time deal.

Months passed, every time I asked them about it – I got some bullshit about them being “swamped”.


We’re too cheap to actually pay. Hehe.

OK, whatever.

I finally done got the red ass earlier this month, or last month I believe and told them to politely either shape up or ship out.

Coupla days earlier they apparently decided to shape up, said they would go ahead with it, made payment … or so they said.

THIS is the part that irritates me the most, I told them very clearly that payment needs to be made FIRST before anything would happen.

They agreed multiple times.

Yesterday, I got a weird sort of message in my paypal saying “on hold”.

Paypal has strange, hard to understand rules, which I’ve dealt with before, and thats why I hardly use their service, but whatever – I chalked it up to the game.

I emailed the lady a couple of times.

You’d think they’d respond, but they never did, and I’m sure when they ultimately do it’ll be about “we’re soooooooooooooooooooooo busy” (yeah right lady. You simply didnt want to face the fact you didnt live up to the deal, and you weren’t honest enough to say it upfront).

This morning, I investigated further, and saw the money – a paltry, piddly amount (gotta wonder, is this even a real fuckin company??) – was placed in “escrow” or some nonsense.

I Got it.

Years ago, in China, when I once received payment for an item, for some odd reason, although wechat payments are INSTANT, the funds did not show up in my wechat.

I waited the entire day, investigated, then saw the mofo paying had some sneaky stipulation of “it must be accepted on the back end too or it gets refunded”.

Man, do I hate people like that.

I did his work, but got paid first regardless. And then I never worked for him again.

With this lady, I sent her an email outlining her sneaky behavior, no response.

I refunded her money instantly after that – enough is enough!

Look, lady – we had a deal.

If you come to me saying I do NOT agree to the deal then thats perfectly fine, we shake hands and walk away.

Ah, but you couldn’t. You WANT your stuff on this site, for damn good reason too!

And of course, you agreed to a deal, but you were too cheap to actually follow through, so you put in a sneaky sort of “escrow” rule hoping “he wouldn’t notice”.

What really pisses me off – I emailed you in good faith TWICE yesterday, I figured I’d give you a chance, maybe it was Paypal goofing up or something, but I had that bad feeling, and sure enough, my gut is never wrong.

You were too chicken to even tell me at that stage!

(and believe it or not, her version of escrow didnt say “it will be released as soon as the work is done. No, you gotta wait for a week more so they can find all the excuses in the world to ask for refunds… Hehe).

Look, lady, pay first means pay first, not hold the money until your work is done and then never pay claiming “it wasn’t done”.

I’ve seen way too much bullshit of that nature, and YOUR deal smelt – STANK of BS from day one.

The articles you wanted me to post could have been done in ONE day – let alone be “swamped”.

I mean, Jesus God, be HONEST at least – if you want to do something, do it, if you don’t, dont, but SAY IT!

I’d rather customers like John Walker who say outright “hey man, I dont have the funds right now to purchase the remaining books I want but I’ll let you know as soon as possible”.

For THESE sort of guys, I’ll bend over backwards until pigs fly out of my ass.

For YOUR sort of lady, I’ll do the polar opposite (and she never even paid what she promised in terms of this silly “escrow” she thought up at the last moment).

People these days ugh!

Anyway – reason I bring it up here …

I dont know why, actually – ALL my customers – barring a couple – have been very onboard with me on all of this since we first started.

And that is how I plan on keeping it.

I do business CLEAN, not this sneaky BS people are into.

I’ve no idea if Miss Patel will read this, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion she’s checked the site a bazillion times already.

No, lady, I dont need your handouts – you either stick to a deal or you dont. It’s just that simple.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Back to fitness, and keeping it real – the 0 Excuses Fitness System amongst all its other great qualities will hone your bullshit detection techniques to a T, and this world we LIVE in, you NEED it – big time ! Get it NOW.

PS #2 – These buffoons even had the flyin GALL to say “we would happy to compensate you for your time”. Yeah. Right. Months fly past, Miss Patel does exactly F all in terms of making any sort of payment (and when she did she paid less than what she agreed upon twice), one fine day she wakes up and decides “let’s string him along a little More” (lady I’ve seen this since childhood – find another damn PATSY!) . . .

. . . Geez. I really should name and shame, maybe I will soon. . . UK based so called company at that, maybe Glyn Bozo should pay them a visit, they’d get along like a house on fire. Hehe.

REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And BYe BYE.

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