TOP SECRET “members only” MONTHLY FITNESS NEWSLETTER by Rahul Mookerjee

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TOP SECRET “members only” MONTHLY FITNESS NEWSLETTER by Rahul Mookerjee

Dear Friend –

This is for the “Mookerjee Faithful” i.e. those of you that LOVE my writing, my products – and can’t get ENOUGH of them!

It is also a special offer that I have NOT – I repeat, NOT – marketed to the list in general, that I have NOT put on the blog or emailed about – in fact, I’ve been very low key about this.


Well, this offer is only for the most EXCLUSIVE of doers, my friend.

And YOU have been CHOSEN (if you can view this post)– I repeat, CHOSEN to partake of this offer – and IF – I repeat, IF – you’re in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM serous about your life, fitness, and goals in general – – well then it behooves YOU, to stop everything you’re doing NOW and read what I have to say on this. NO hype here, you’ll see what I mean by why it’s just so damn IMPORTANT!!

My sites at and have a TON of writing already – these are the free daily newsletters everyone gets (those signed up for our free newsletter, and you should too (click the link on the main menu, and that will sign you up for our free daily tips – and yes, Remember, those tips will always be free!!)

But NOW, I’ve gone one step further.

The 0 Excuses Fitness Ship (as you can see on the site) is an annual membership that allows members access to everything we’ve got digitally for free – so thats a huge, huge value right there – in addition to that, they also have access to an exclusive “members only” fitness forum – the only one of it ‘s kind out there.

Yes, “Mystery” from all those years ago finally created his own forum on it!

(thats a bit of a pun, I’ll get into that later)

And people love it – all Ship members get what YOU get from me i.e. brutally honest fitness (and life) info that just flat out works from the Stella Artois of Fitness, the bodyweight exercise guru, or many other things I’ve been called – and then some.

They ALSO get access (free) to monthly newsletters. These are the sort you’ve seen me sell before – for instance, the famous “July 2018” issue you’ve seen on this site for sale.

Thats a monthly newsletter you get per month (the Ship members get it as part of their membership) – delivered STRAIGHT to your Inbox by the first week of each month – with MORE great info that what I put out in my daily fitness tips and other writing.

And much more – but NOW, what I’m doing is I’m seguing the newsletter part out.

I.e for a monthly subscription of $49.99, you’ll get a monthly newsletter from your truly delivered in your inbox – which goes ABOVE and beyond what I normally write – gives you tips I dont send out in my daily emails – gives you exclusive access and discounts to new and upcoming products – and much, much more!

Here is just some of what you’ll get –

  • Secrets that will allow you to blast past previous bests in any and all exercises – without even (seemingly) trying.
  • How to tailor exercises and workouts to YOU – you’ll see how I myself do it in terms of exercises that may or may not be “naturally easy” for me to do.
  • Discounts and headsups on new and upcoming products that until now, only “Ship” members get – as a member of this newsletter subscription module, so will YOU!
  • You’ll see me doing exercises I’ve never shown even in my books – these are “special” workouts I reserved for my coaching clients.
  • You’ll get special access to me, and I will answer each question sent in to me by YOU personally, and not only that, I will mention it in the newsletter!
  • You’ll read about my life – how I overcame many a challenge and then some thrown at me – and how you can apply these lessons to YOUR life too and become a better you, the best you that you were MEANT TO BE!
  • You’ll read about training methods I dont normally talk about in my daily writings – or even my books necessarily.
  • You’ll read about “real life” like you’ve NEVER heard from me before, and given the brutally intense nature of my normal writing, thats saying a lot.
  • You’ll read a hell of a lot about DIET, hidden secrets that will BLAST fat away from you and increase strength levels rapidly throughout the entire body – including your core specifically – and tricks that the ancient guys used to keep themselves in tip top health – tricks NO-ONE talks about.
  • You’ll hear about FASTING too – and how to do it the right way. (hint- very few people do it the right way, if at all). I’ll be debunking ALL The myths and pointing out all the truths in this regard in my newsletters!
  • And there’s more as well.

And you’ll love it!

Remember, you can cancel at any time – no obligations!

Get it now – truly value for money! (and much more!).

Go HERE to get it –


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We started this WAY back in the day – see here – So for a sneak peek of what you can expect, get the Jul 2018 edition NOW.

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