Grizzled “old” Sly in “Samaritan!”
- I've been watching it, and ...

I was wanting to watch this for a while, not necessarily because it was a “high profile” movie or anything – but mostly because as I’ve written about before, I make it a point to watch everything Stallone does (his work) because it just has that gritty REALISM to it!

One of my last emails yesterday covered it, but as I watch this movie Samaritan, and am half way through it – I gotta stop and say …

One, Sly still HAS it.

The movie might be full of cliches and ridiculous premises (basically two indestructible brothers, one good, one evil, both almost superhumanly strong – so strong that people’s hands fracture when hitting them in the midsection – or they crush toasters with their bare hands – and deform knives with their bare hands – and – most of all – get hit by cars,and apparently put their own bones back into place after which they need to “cool” their bodies down by eating ice cream.

Yeah. Right).  .  . but Sly himself, in the grizzled setting the movie is set in?


All that training for the Expendables shows – even under all the winter clothing Sly is wearing – hands as thick as MITTS – and shoulders as broad and bulky as ever . . .

. . . When a kid he’s training hits him in the midsection as a test “sucker punch” after being advised to do that to people that jump him out of the blue (and then runnnnnnnnnnnnn) – he almost breaks his hand.

“Thats what you get for sucker punching me”, he says. “Didnt you know I was built like a TANK?”


I haven’t finished the flick as yet but the story itself is so typical I already know how it’s going to end – though Sly said in a pre movie promo or something “there is a twist that will surprise most people”.

Maybe it will, I’m off to find out soon …

But he’s got the movie setting down right, Sly, as he always does has his finger on the pulse of the MASSES – his audience.

Rising unemployment, the hood, riots in the city due to inequality, more robberies, all of it is shown in the movie.

I wonder what my wife who still lives (in her mind) in the world “the world is perfectly normal” would think upon seeing it, but she’d probably go back to her mental cocoon and say “oh thats just a movie!”.

So would some other super cossetted sorts I’m sure.

But it hits home for me, right down to the alpha male fixing himself a bowl of cereal and cold milk, and then crushing the bowl suddenly. Hehe.

Anyway …

Fitness wise?

The core part reminds me of when I wrote about that time (you can find it via a search on the site too!) – where I went to Hong Kong, on the way back someone’s elbow smacked me right in the stomach – I think solar plexus area.

And it just “bounced off me” – I could feel it!

And THIS exercise is what I credit till that day for that sort of core strength, which isn’t as superhuman as you’d think.

Farmer Burns as he wrote in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture (1914 mail order course)

“My own stomach muscles are soft enough but when I SET THEM, they are so hard as to cause the person STRIKING to hurt their hands”.

And coming from a guy with a 19 inch neck that survived multiple hangman’s drops (no I dont recommend practicing those, hehe) – you gotta LISTEN.

GRIP wise?

Well, that “unnatural grip” I’ve built with the exercises in Gorilla Grip, the “unnatural grip” I’ve built with the ones in “Gorilla Grip Advanced” and more …

You’ll want to GRAB these courses – NOW my friend, they’re that damn good (if you’re in any way interested in improving either core strength or grip strength) . . .

. . . But this piece wouldn’t be complete without a brief gander at super human strength!

NONE of my courses will turn you into a monster that can crush toasters with his bare hands – or break brass bars with them (or bend) – although you’ll get close!

NONE of my courses will give you the ability to miraculously regenerate on nothing but ice cream after hard training – let alone get hit by a car (though you might be surprised on the former! Hehe).

NONE of them will give you a core AS STRONG as the guys in that movie (the brothers – one good, one bad) – but they’ll come close!

The one course I have my friend which truly turns modern day men (that have become mostly WIMPS) into studs and superheroes with superhuman levels of fitness is also one of the most popular, something EVERYONE wants.

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Truly will turn you – and make you join, as the reviews say, the “ranks of the superhumans”.

And thats that, my friend.

I’ll be back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

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Yeah,  I thought so.

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Truism like no other.

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