The Brigadier in full WORKOUT GEAR!
- Military!

Y’all know about the Brigadier I’ve written about so often, dont you?

Yes – I bet!

Well, today I saw him again – in the middle of the HOT, HOT afternoon – walking outside – but not just walking, clearly exercising.

Dressed in full military style old school “long shorts” – you know the guy was working out.

I saw from a distance, KNEW something good was gonna happen today – sure enough, plenty of good happened with a slight goof up a short while later.

Good happens every time I see the dude!

And I gripped his hand as usual, strong, solid military man as usual.

“Haven’t seen you in a while” I quipped

Yeah, well, these days, you know how it is, he went.

Staying indoors huh I asked.

He was, and then we chatted a bit more, and then I took off.

But it was great seeing him – and the final handshake as gorilla as always!

Good things happen you think POSITIVE my friend, and when you have contacts and meet people like this guy, training HARD at well over 70, it makes you wonder what YOUR excuse is.

Remember, the dude himself was instrumental in getting a chin up bar installed in a park not known for those that “really” workout…

And thats that for this one – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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