The pair of expensive jeans with one leg multi colored that I so wanted, fought for – and promptly discarded
- And never wore, hehe

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It probably sounds strange!

Blue jeans, expensive brand, in “M block market”, a so called for me – and NOT so called for those who even now think it’s one of the “poshest” markets in New Delhi – and one multi colored.

You’d never think someone would want something like that.

But I did.

Fought with Mom to get it. Hehe. She didnt want to, but finally did, and then I never wore it, and I still remember her complaining to Dad about it.

He said nothing, I believe.

Except the usual censorious stare, but not that censorious this time for some reason.

Hey, it didnt look good. It obviously wouldnt, you say … so why did I want this oddity?

Well, the why isn’t why I’m writing to you – that idea popped up while I was doing something I rarely do, which is opening Amazon Prime and watching a Bollywood flick from the 90’s …

I dont rarely open Amazon Prime, of course.

Or ACCESS it. Hehe. Flashback to India, Flashback to “Indian English” … matter of fact  I’ve got not one, but two Prime memberships. Hehe. One in India, and one of course Stateside.

Why for that is a different story, but the movie I was watching – which I rarely, if ever watch Bollywood, and especially not masala flicks like this one which I loved when I was 13 – not so much the actor but I liked him in his anti hero role (movie was one which made him a superstar along with the next few he did).

About a young boy who swears revenge on a double crossing SOB who ruins his father after being helped by the same guy – twice – once after he was double crossed, and then forgave him (hint – like Glyn, a scorpion NEVER changes it’s colors, sure enough, the “filmi” (movie) version of scorpion didnt change it’s either!) – a movie which is corny, yet works – cheesy, yet does the suspense right in an old fashioned manner (it could compete with some movies TODAY) – where the humor is so slapstick you might be forgiven for laughing out loud till your stomach hurts and cry too (“Oh my God, how the hell can something be SO stupid” – but it was true comedy that worked, like PG wodehouse, except in India) – a movie which launched another (to be) superstar heroine – two of them actually along with the hero …

… a movie in which the lead is an pyscho – cum – lover boy and his RAGE is ultimately what leads him to rise from the ashes, seize it all – fulfil his  life’s objective, yet he LOSES it all too – because of his rage.

In fact, if he had kept his rage under control at certain points in the movie, he’d NEVER have gotten caught – but then again, then a superhit Bollywood flick wouldn’t have been released. Hehe.

Anyway ………

As the songs ring out in my head – I was singing them along – I remember each and every line (“he has a good voice” my Uncle once said, curiously enough he also laughed at the final scene of the movie where the hero who “died” – truly in a comical manner if you analyze it – “looked like he was laughing when crying” according to Uncle, hehe) ….

… Hey.

He had a sense of humor!

The only one who along with a couple of others understood a young Rahul, that he had HUGE dreams, aspirations and desires all along – and of course, the apeing movie stars (I do everything to an extreme as yall know) came from that. Hehe.

So in the movie one of the superhit songs, star is dancing wear jeans with something hanging off them, and hence my jeans purchase I never wore.

Hence my trying to get the exact same hairstyle as a certain Akshay Kumar – martial artist – who I dont even like these days, but thats not the point, hehe – and neither is any of this the real point.

Point isn’t even the visualization aspect that movie’s anti hero gets spot on, right down from his life’s goal staring him in the face all the time.

There isn’t a minute he doesn’t think about it, even when he truly falls in love, his subconscious reminds him love isn’t his goal, the other guy’s failure is!

Its to tell you this, my friend that OLD school is what matters.

And these old school movies which I remember most of anyway are perhaps escapism, for me though they’re that for a couple of hours, but also time to visualize on OTHER things, and today it was just remembering my life, how I was at 13, how “normal” things were back then (truly the 90’s – the WWE era and so forth – it was REAL!!!!!!) …

And that was the entire point of telling you all this, I believe – something y’all already know.

Can’t hurt to say it again.

Old school is where it is, I’ll ALWAYS be that way.

and though I rarely take two hours or so out to do what I did today – old school is always with me, right from when I wake up and visualize, and shortly after – or soon, or during the day WORKOUT.

My workouts are as old school as they get, and quick as well.

And they get solid results, my friend.

Workouts that the old time strongman used, workouts that REAL ironmen use, workouts that the Gama used, workouts that boxers and wrestlers have been doing for millenia – workouts that are quick, efficient, require nothing but your own bodyweight – and are old school above all.

To some that last bit might be icing on the proverbial cake – much like the 0 Excuses Fitness VIDEOS were (in a good way) for a certain customer John Walker who left this review for them –

And thats that my friend . . .


Just thought I’d give you my perspective on your 0 Excuses Fitness Videos.

Now as you know I think the 0 Excuses Fitness Book is the best bodyweight book out there, there is nothing else that comes close but having the videos detailing exactly how each exercise should be performed well, lets just say that
it is the icing on the cake my friend, yes, you can have the “cake” without the icing but in my humble opinion that would be short changing yourself, it would be like going out for a burger when you’ve got steak indoors.

I highly recommend the videos to anyone who wants to know exactly how it’s done, exceptional work, just brilliant.

To learn about my old school workouts – go HERE.

And get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I wont name the movie here, but it reminds me of ME in many regards – right down to the movie title, obsession and .. well, the GAMBLING that some call gambling, I’d call “betting your luck” – taking your chances and WINNING. Hehe.

And thats all I’m giving away for now. 😉

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