Do I need to workout LESS?

Back in the day, even when I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness – I used to work out for HOURS a day.

This was me doing 1000 rope jumps, upwards of 100 pushups a day, and a lot more in the park – yet, the weight didnt quite FLY Off.

This was 10 years ago, when I was 31 odd, I believe, maybe even younger.

I kept getting told I was too fat.

That I gorged too much on “Bhabhi’s” (what other men call your wife i.e. “sister” in some ways) cooking, admittedly just too delicious.

And of course chugging beer after beer, which that is the one that hasn’t much changed until now.

Other than that, and my … well, there was something else that has changed.

John Walker, if he is reading this KNOWS what.

He read Fast and Furious Fitness, and mentioned something about happier times, and if you’ve read what I say about being MARRIED makes it much harder for men to retain the primal EDGE – no matter who you are – happily married that is – if you’ve read or seen what Rocky was told by Mickey in Rocky III about losing the EDGE and the eye of the tiger because he got civilized, then you KNOW what I mean . . .

Thats one secret out of the bag!

anyway, I hope John does NOT read this. Hehe.

A few months ago, he gave me a well deserved kick up the wazoo for looking “out of shape”.

“As a matter of fact, you look fat”, was what he said on one of my videos.

Best feedback I could have ever gotten, and I mentioned this to my list immediately!

Today, about 8 or so months in, he hasn’t seen me.

But I’m routintely told by EVERYONE – I’m “too thin”.

I feel great

Best I’ve ever felt in my whole damn life, but I begin to understand now just how used to people are to being FAT – and low energy – and so forth.

These same people that say “dont lift up heavy weights because I’m too thin and will hurt my back” would be amazed to know I can do 100 pull-ups per workout if I so choose, much like back in the day when they said I was 13 years old (I was 37, hehe).

They’d flip out if they saw me doing my 20 kg in each hand lumberjack workouts . . . or if they gripped my hand (they often do when that happens).

Or if they knew I routinely pound out sets of 50 ASS TO GRASS squats while my daughter ties her shoelaces, dwadling away. I keep telling her to giddy up, she’s 9 now (almost) – not 90!!!!!!!

(kids these days, hehe, you guys know how it BE) But I keep trying to pound in the early bird gets the worm thing, about not missing a single exercise routine, and so forth.

These same people would be amazed to know my dieting and eating habits – and SECRETS – which aren’t secrets if you break it down.

Most of all, and if the basketball instructor who when he saw me doing squats cautioned me to “take it easy” and “workout less” (he first asked me the secret behind my weight loss) KNEW the real secret and how much I worked out, he’d be nigh flabbergasted.

Man, I’ve been watching movies all day long on Youtube!

All I did was 20 minutes of pull-ups and squats, and I’ll stretch later.

Thats all I normally do.

Except those 20 minutes are fuckin INTENSE, my friend – and I BREATHE right.

In a nutshell, thats the secret – most wont get this though.

If you’re really into fitness though, real fitness, you will.

Anyway, John once told me “oh no, dont tell me you’ve gone to the other extreme and become too skinny now, I dont want that on my conscience”.

Hey, man.

That was the best feedback I could have gotten – I said it now, I’ll say it AGAIN!

And from one man to the other, thank you.

John is currently not on the “main list” – he needs a bit of a break from my incessant emailing, hehe, I dont quite blame him, especially after he got repeated emails to buy a product which he already had. Hehe again. That happens occasionally – my bad! (moving providers and so forth, so I had a legit excuse, but still – he’s right!).

But anyway ………..

Got me thinking about how people really dont understand what real fitness is all about, and why my work is so damn important – for the chosen few who DO get it – and do what I say – and get in the best damn shape of their lives!

So, question begets.

Do I need to workout LESS now?

Well, Dad told me when I was phat (he was way worse) that I needed to workout less, despite having “a tummy hanging over”.

And Mom tells me now to workout less.


The mere mortals of the world wont understand the PASSION behind it all.

And thats fine.

Thats how it should be, passion BE the name of the GAME.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PPS – John also told me 2022 would be the year I’d be in my best shape.

I still remember him saying “with your work ethic…”

And he’s right.

Except, he didnt just mean physical shape.

And he was proven RIGHT!

PPS #1 – I was told “to take it easy after 40”.


I done aint taking nutting easy, I’m going HARD – and the next time I see a hill, I’m going up that sucker SEVEN times in a row.

The Brigadier would understand, he’s the only one that hasn’t commented on the weight loss, hehe.