Why I toss my trash “with care” in Asia.
- Lots of stories here, hehe.

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Nah, this isn’t the story of Glyn Bozo on the 11th floor tossing beer bottles down from his dorm room in China while buried in some nasty hooker’s rear end (his nose, not the bottles) – and then getting letters from management about “tossing beer bottling out of window no allowed” . . .

I believe the moron got fired from that school, the same one he was so drunk at he once pulled his pants down and took a crap right there in class. Just UGH this guy, anyway, it isnt about him .

Neither is it about yours truly tossing beer bottles where they belonged, IN the trash, well and truly IN it, and some of them breaking, and my Taiwanese neighbor waking up in the middle of the  night filing a complaint with management and me getting a letter saying “you create mess for cleaning lady, we call police”.

It was a three page notice. Hehe.

To which I never responded, but if they had asked, or the cops in China had (as Carol said, the cops have better things to do!) – I would have said well officer, I’m tossing them in the goddamned trash, what more do you want?

Not like China has the system of seperating recyclables from non recyclables in all apartment complexes, at least mine didnt.

I’ll never though forget the site of the ladies that picked up the trash diligently twice a day fishing through used tea leaves and such, and wringing out cargo shorts – perfectly good ones that no longer fit me that I once threw in the trash.

She wrung it out, left it by the trash.

It was then I realized why my wife often doesn’t throw items directly in the trash in Asia.

I also remembered a scene in the Middle East with people literally picking through garbage – foreign workers looking for … God knows what? Something to wear? Eat? No idea! But in a rich country like that … just goes to show you.

Back to China – rich though it might have become now, there is still a substantial class of people who will sift through trash looking for valuables, empties (beer bottles) still get “sold” hehe (I remember Michael once telling me I struck a HARD deal for them with the “sau mai lo” aka recycle guy who showed up on a push cart) (harder than his wife, hehe) …

… And so from then on if I threw clothes or anything half way wearable or useable away, I just put it by the trash.

Not on TOP Of the damn bin which a lot of people do in Asia, which irritates the shit out of me, I mean why do I need to lift someone else’s trash up to put my own in?

But by the side.

In the US, I wouldn’t think twice about this sort of thing – much like one night we got drunk and I microwaved a CD or something, watched the sparks fly with much interest, then had a workout lugging the heavy ass 1970’s microwave to the dumpster, then motored onto WalMart to get a new one. The memories. Hehe.

Anyway – memories, workout memories aplenty HERE … some of the most inspirational ever, you’ll want to pick this up NOW.

And back to the topic, when in India?

I dont know, same thing.

I could probably get something from selling old laptops and such off, I could probably get a discount on the new one but I never have.

For some odd reason, my last Toshiba, again perfectly functional – I gave it away to a school.

My old clothes – the guy who comes on a push cart to cart the trash away. Same thing for old dumbphones etc, I just ask him if he wants it, he always takes it, and that is that.

I feel sorry for him – nasty ass system “antiquated” they have in India where the concept of “dumpsters” is alien (I “dare not”as a certain Sophia once said mention it to anyone lest I get castigated “This is India” hehe. ) . . .

I have no clue why.

I have no clue why buying a beer is such a huge issue in India or the subcontinent in general either or why you need a liqor permit in the Middle East or why they have dry counties back Stateside.

Given a choice I’ll choose #3 and make the short drive over as I often did when living in a dry county. Hehe.

Anyway ……………..

No fanfare and all that about charity etc, I’m just saying, giving stuff away feels good especially when people can use it, when it’ll be used for a good cause, I guess some would sell it and make the extra dough, and thats perfectly fine by me.

To me, it’s my way of giving back, so I do …

And thats the entire point of writing this I suppose, not so much giving back, but “telling you” how I do it, so can you, so SHOULD you.

Give before you receive is indeed a truism that holds true – even today.

Do so and you may be surprised at the changes that take place in your life almost instantly, not to mention “letting go” of stuff you no longer need.

Anyway ……………..

Last, but not least –

My 0 Excuses Fitness videos are NOT sold on DVD though I’ve been asked by some to do it.

Why – well, at the time I came out with them, smartphones were all the rage, dvd players a thing of the past already, or becoming that.

Yours truly saw it years in advance.

but if there is ONE digital product you should NEVER give away, it is the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend – truly worth its weight in gold.

Get it now if you haven’t already – right HERE.

And that does that for this one.


Rahul Mookerjee

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