Why I’m not so much on onboard with Sleepy Joe’s speech last night . . .
- Or whenever that happens

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A friend sent it to me, though I rarely watch videos, let alone anything Biden related -I gotta tell you, the old man sometimes evokes sympathy in me.

True case of heckling an old, almost senile man with Grandmother Pelosi and Hyena Harris (to me those two are the REAL evils) always “shepherding him” no matter where is (or the White House press secretary apparently from what it seems).

I said before the election dude was probably an alright guy, Grandfather, I still sort of stick to that view (although I do also see where a lot of people on this list are coming from when they email me privately to tell me that is an image the media has created for him).


It well could be.

From reporting bullshit on the war in Ukraine about how Russia is losing, losing, losing, when on the ground the polar opposite is happening (I mean, can anyone with any common sense SAY it? LOL) – to creating fake images of people and stuff, the Leftist media is at it, has been at it for ages.

Not saying the right is entirely blame free there either, of course, I’m not onboard with some of the crazier stuff going on there either.

Anyway, Sleepy Joe rambled on about how Trump and his “acolytes” (Joe, I dont know if you know it, but you’re marketing Trump even better than he himself does, hehe) are a huge threat to American democracy, to taking the US back to a time where there was no freedom of choice to “marry who you love” – or freedom to choose contraception and other rambling BS that Joe is famous for.

Look, dude.

YOU are the one that created the border problems – one of the biggest problems in the country today.

YOUR policies are at the end of the day what caused rampant inflation – although yes it was building up to that, anyone ever notice how it was not half as bad under Trump?

There is something to be said for running the country like a damn business . . . results speaketh?

Personally, I dont even think the chain of events that led up to the war in Ukraine would have happened if the Trumpinator was still in office, look at what he did in the Middle East for one.

And all this rot coming from someone who didnt get elected in my view entirely “legally” – I mean has anyone heard the tales of dead people casting ballots for one?? And so forth … And everything else Sleepy Joe is doing, or being badgered into doing – well, coming from him, I call utter BS.

Not saying Trump is entirely blameless either, appropriating top secret federal docs and then refusing to return them ain’t exactly conduct becoming of a former Pres. . .

. . . You don’t do that period.

(and you certainly dont claim you “forgot” – thats just hilarious for one, much like the Trump reelection emails that keep landing in my Inbox, hehe, downright damned hilarious if nothing else – at least to me)

But that was probably trump just being Trump as usual, I really don’t – I repeat, I really dont think he took them to “harm American interests” as is being made out – if anything, Trump is a patriot – I dont think even his most ardent detractors would argue there.

But, a lot of the stuff going on these days – some claim the raid was politically motivated and such – well, it just … reinforces my belief that politics is best kept OUT of – and I stayed out of it until the Trump election (mostly because I like Trump) – and I still do, unless its the lovely Malika Sherawat dancing to those melodious tunes in the Bollywood flick “Dirty Politics”.

Which that movie is a classic case of a woman wronged, never forgetting, and then using her wily sexy wiles to bring powerful men down.

Interestingly enough she is from the same state in India my wife is. Hehe.

Anyway ………………..

I dont know where I’m going with all this.

People will reply with the usual staid “the politics these days is just crazy!”

Except it aint just politics, it’s affecting YOU, and its just begun.

No-ones talking about it, but as I’ve been saying all along, I really hope Mike Pompeo runs for Prez, HE is the one man I have true faith in – and I hold fast to that belief.

Ron De Santis being a close contender.

but I’ll go with Mike, if he runs …

Anyway, point of all this?

There isn’t one, except – stick to worrying or thinking or ruminating, as I often use the term about things you CAN CONTROL!

Not what you cannot control, what you CAN CONTROL.

And your health and fitness is one of these things.

Take back control TODAY.

Here is the link you go to to do that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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