Sweating like a FAT man at a FREE dance
- And more!

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As I sit here, ready for a shower “in my towel” (TMI, I know, hehe) – I gotta say two things.

One, this ain’t about THAT exercise – which surprisingly few men are really good at – is it any surprise that as I mention on the animal kingdom workouts page, it’s men that are FIT naturally i.e. in a natural manner, with lean and mean bodies that do what “animals” do in the best way possible, hehe.

I know, I know, ladies, men are such animals aint they.

But so are women, anyone that says otherwise is a barefaced liar (and so it should be, I’ve never quite preferred “cold fish” if you get my drift).

Anyway – that bit aside …

I’m huffing and puffing, heart pounding like NEVER before – well, not in the past couple of days. Hehe.

And without further ado, as you already know – workouts that make you do that are the BEST damn workouts ever- especially if you feel it deep in your MUSCLES too!

If you ain’t huffing and puffing, if you ain’t breathing such that I can hear you consciously do it with each rep – if you’re holding your breath like most people do (related secret in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos for the doers that notice) then you aint doing it RIGHT, period.

Without further ado, exercises that make you huff and puff like never before?

Are also full body leg and back workouts – and CORE.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

The bench press dont count, neither does the lat pulldown.

Sorry to say it, but it’s true …

SPRINTS – the Mecca and Medina of leg training as I keep saying in Fast and Furious Fitness – or SQUATS – THOSE COUNT!

High rep pushups – YES! (due to all the chest and full body activity).

LUMBERJACK work as I just got done doing will make that heart of yours thump, even you “fit people” with weights you wouldn’t think fit to sneeze at (trust me, there is a reason I tell people to go EASY on the weight in that regard, especially when you first start, and long afterwards too).

Those are three off the top of my head, now lest you think it’s only “movement based” workouts that do it?

There’s plenty of isometrics that’ll do it, especially the ones in Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, as well as the initial book – including, but not limited to –

The patented Rahul Mookerjee squat

The “JCVD” stretch …(even getting into it and sitting upright)

Some of the “standing hamstring stretches” I show you in the book.

All of these exercises, my friends, make you huff and puff, get you in the best shape possible, and do so very quickly indeed.

And if you haven’t yet partaken of any of the above, you’re a fool, if just because how much I’ve told you about how GOOD they make you feel, how AWESOME of shape they get you in, and so forth.

Either that or you’re not really into fitness- which is fine, but you shouldn’t be on the list in that case…

And thats that.

Go get you some NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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