The only one I’d even THINK about donating to. . .
- The real deal

The real deal, says the tagline for this one – but I dont mean I’m going to talk about me – just as yet, at least. Hehe. Or not just as yet, whichever way you look at it!

But anyway, an impromptu as always 100 squat session in the middle of my (just) second pot of tea this afternoon, and I was thinking  – of some of the stuff thats been hammering the ole Inbox as of yet.

Looking at some of those emails I can well understand why the Republicans are having a tough time raising funds.

Trump doing them was one thing, but the mish mash of emails that land in my Inbox with various names – sometimes “Ron Johnson” – sometimes “Elina someone” – with various colors, photos, hues and grays and what not – it’s just hilarious.

Top of the list was ole Ron asking for money with the “just a cup of coffee” tagline and himself drinking a mugga as the picture. Hehe.

Who is Ron Johnson anyway?? I’ve no clue!

Other than Herschel Walker, and it seems he writes those emails himself – the tone gives it away – and Trump himself, none of it seems in the least bit genuine.

I think I once signed up for Trump’s list, but not these others, some that come up with names called “32 missed calls!”.


Like I answer the damned phone anyway, or care whose calling or not!

But anyway, I’m not the average Joe – coffee or not – pun intended. Hehe.

I do sell some GREAT high quality coffee beans though – testimonials right HERE – maybe I’ll sell the Republicans and Liberals some.

Hey, everyone’s money is the SAME for me!

Any real business will tell you that much.

Anyway ……… its just hilarious, borderline spam, I suppose there are some marketing lessons in them for the newbies, for me I just yawn and hit delete.


The only one I’d ever donate to, and I havent because I refuse to donate to politics or politicians, period – is Mike Pompeo, and unfortunately, they’re using his name for crap emails either with or without his knowledge (I’m not sure, I suspect with?) … those emails are so NOT Mike.

For a man that erudite, logical and down to earth business person he is, those emails simply cannot be from him.

His Twitter feed is one of the very very few I follow indeed, and with good reason.

And again, people dont listen when I say things, but I get proven right time and time again over and over again – much like the “exercise throughout the day” concept I’ve been promoting for years, and that which people are just starting to pick up on NOW – mainstream included, and politics wise, dont be surprised if ole Mike ends up (not me, hehe, Pompeo) contending and winning the election.

True dark horse, the only one I’d punt on or even care to at this stage, not just because he makes awesome Italian food apparently. Hehe.

But he’s the real deal as far as I’m concerned is Pompeo – and that brings me back to me – I’ve been told that fitness wise “I’m the real deal” more times than I care to count.

Maybe I should damn well count, because those words are true, and therefore they mean a lot to me.

I’ll be the one – like Pompeo in politics pointing out the RIGHT from wrong – both in terms of life and fitness, and the path least trodden, usually the one to follow.

Amidst all the fitness bullshit you see out there, MY products will be the realistic, gritty ones that produce LASTING results, my friend, the type that dont go away soon and last for a lifetime if you do the thing, and the sort you get from old school style old time strongman style training – not the modern day idiotic crap gyms.

I’ll be the one, I’ll continue to be the one that will point out the RIGHT way to do pushups, keep carping on form, keep saying it’s not necessarily rep counts that matter, its quality over quantity anyday – and so forth.

And inflation or not, I’ll be the one that keeps not just telling you, but POUNDING this into your noggin that its mens thoughts that create Depressions, period.

Universal Justice and what not, I dont know if anyone remembers, its been working up to this for a long time now, but things werent half as bad in 2020, and that was the year of the scam-demic …

Ole Trump might not be everyone’s kettle of fish, but he did a lot of things right – Ill give him that much, always have.

Anyway ……

Same thing for me.

I might not be everyone’s cup of tea either, and I wouldn’t want to be.

I’d rather the keep it real crowd …

And it’s to those people that I say now – if you have NOT invested in the 0 Excuses Fitness System as yet, you’re not just missing out on secrets you’ll never learn anywhere, you’re not just missing out on the opportunity of a LIFETIME to get into the best shape you’ve ever been in at any age, you’re not just missing out on great stuff, period – but all that jazz aside, your very SURVIVAL could be at risk, my friend.

Trust me, HEALTH has always been numero uno – done right.

And your health and fitness, well, there has never been a MORE important time to drum this message in than NOW.

Get it while its still being offered at the dirt cheap price it is NOW – truly less than a cup of coffee per day (sorry Ron, but this time I gotta say it. Hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And if a cup of coffee a day is more important than lifelong health and fitness to you, then, well, this is the wrong list for you friend (ditto for those continually whining about inflation etc and so forth). (hey, it’s there, we ALL feel it, time to stop already…)

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