Well, since Rishi Sunak looks set to lose…
- So it SEEMS

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Not that I’ll shed any tears or down any beers – either way, the UK elections dont really matter to me, though ole Boris – Brexit was the best damn thing he ever did – with all his gaffes I’ll always give him that.

I suspect it’s one of those things where people will look back in history and say “well done, even though we didnt think it at the time”.

Long term vision, and all that, kinda hard to see for a lot in the UK (and globally).

Anyway, my man for the UK top dog job was always Rishi Sunak – not because he’s Indian.

Just, his policies, dude seems NORMAL – dude has a certain vibe about him – its hard to explain, not that I have anything against Liz Truss either, I dont know much about her policies either except she’s always at odds with Rishi it seems, but thats politics.

To me, I’d have thought Rishi would be a shoo in but the votes – apparently – say otherwise, and thats all good, how it should be in a democracy.

Last minute surprises?

Stranger things have happened, but I doubt it …

Anyway, to me, Ole Boris – I’d probably back him if he was running. Hehe.

Would be a close call between him and Sunak, but with all his gaffes, all his silly statements, ole Boris to me is a rather likeable, jolly sort (just dont let his pals pinch your backside, hehe) …

And someone who again, much like Trump – is RELATABLE.

You dont look at Boris and think “he’s one of those sitting in the gilded towers”.

He doesnt look like he just showed up off a fancy golden escalator either, especially not his wild hair do, sort of like mine on some days. Hehe.

To me, a leader should be RELATABLE above all, speak the language of the common man …

Same thing for these here emails, and why even in this economy, I’m pulling in sales while others – some apparently far more “experienced” flounder and close shop – literally.

Long term vision plays into this again, I’ve been planning for all this for years.

Much like they say “the Russians dont take a dump without planning it” – or at least they said that in the movie “The Hunt for Red October” – Sean Connery, RIP, excellent as always!

Neither do the chinese, and neither should YOU, my friend, not to that extreme, but while living in the flow is how it should be done the value of thinking things through should not be under estimated either. (with gut in mind).

Anyway …

Relatibility plus RELIABILITY  = a winner!

My products deliver on BOTH ends.

You wont see fancy crap in my books, fancy photo “shoto” etc.

You wont see Sly Stallone’s make up artist do my make up in Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

Likewise, in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, you’ll literally BE – in my living room – right there with boxes of unpacked and packed tea beside me and a battered (sorta, hehe) couch talking to me – with me – working out WITH ME.

Because thats ME.

Thats YOU too, my friend, no-one is always all gussied up and fancy, most of the time we’re at home, we want a good ole workout at home in our living rooms and be done with it, and thats the spirit in which the books were written, videos made, and then some.


I can STILL relate to those videos as if I took them yesterday – “day one”, as a certain company Amazon loves to say. Hehe.

So it should be.

So it IS for our users too …

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System now, and do NOT skip the introduction part either!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My work – well, a quote from Michael (not me, hehe) on a module I once wrote in Php for dongguan Expat sums it up the best.

“It’s not fancy. It doesnt look the prettiest. But does it WORK??!

Rahul – YOU are the only one that has done this as far as I know (and he was right, at the time, no-one else had written that piece of code for php nuke) …”

Bob made a comment about gussying it up a little, which Michael didnt know the meaning of the word “gussy”, so we explained it to the Man from California, hehe.

But thats the spirit.

My stuff WORKS, it’s relatable, and THAT is what YOU want, and should want too.

Bottom line.

“El Finito!”.

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