What yours truly is truly ADDICTED to.
- And will continue to be!

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It’s amazing, the answers that pop out when you ask yourself some questions!

A guy I admire for his style, his work (I’m not going to mention him here), but he’s a “fellow cowboy” pretty much the way I see it, another long ranger like yours truly – mentioned something about Freak book this morning.

About how the platform is designed to be a time suck, a bottomless pit of endless dopamine withdrawals and highs, about how it makes you depressed rather than happy – rewires – and DESTROYS thy brain – your cognitive abilities and such – and all within this space of a regular 40 minutes or so usage per day.

He did not mention the time frame, I am …

I always knew there was a reason I thought social media was fake, and I despised it pretty much.

And every time I ever used Facebook, my results in other areas of my life – DROPPED – so dramatically you’d think I’d notice, but no, even yours truly didnt make the connection (but I noticed it pretty quickly compared to the vast majority of people stuck on their dumbphones WITH no clue of what it’s doing to their lives, brains and such).

You know the point he made which really stuck out – I doubt even he noticed it.

When you point all this out to people, they claim “we’re adults and can handle it”.

“Isnt that what all addicts say”?

So true!

Social media is WORSE than the drugs Glyn Bozo and company use on a regular basis. And people are too dumb to see they are the PRODUCT there, not customers, and the supposedly free platforms make millions from ads sold to these very customers …

Anyway, hey, I advertise myself too – not and never on FB though. I did try Instagram, but it was equally annoying, and I never did it after the first trial.

Anyway, point isn’t my well known hatred of social media in general and how I love getting banned by Bozos on social media.

Point is, what guy made above “isnt that what all addicts say”?

These days, people have a whole new answer to it.

“We dont care” they’ll go defiantly before explaining to you “everything is going to shit anyways, so who cares”.



If you dont care, you make it worse, not caring is what BROUGHT us here, and fact is you DO care, or you wouldn’t say you didnt. Hehe. Fact also is, these same people would say those things about the “world going to hell” even when things weren’t. And I know people like that myself personally, more than I should really …

But even that isn’t my entire point.

My point is this.

When he asked that question, I got to thinking – especially with all the fools that have called me an “addict” over the years.

I struggled to find something I’ve been truly addicted to.


At one point in my life I smoked upwards of two packs a day, all “red Marlboros” …

I quit thrice, third time in china being the successful try.

Other than a few mild headaches and itchy fingers (itching to light one up) – I had NO withdrawal symptoms.

Bruce, a friend of mine claimed “I didnt really inhale”.

But I did. Hehe.

In fact, the day I quit I was standing right there at work on the 14th floor of the Winnerway Hotel in China with Clement a fellow workers from Hong Kong, and an even greater chain smoker than I was at the time.

He smoked, I declined his offer of a cigarette.

And that was that.

So much for all the “he’s addictttttttttttttttttted” crap I heard.

Beer? Liqor?

Everyone knows how much beer I drink. Hehe.

Yet, when I DON’T drink any form of liqor, beer included, and I’ve gone years without it (not by design, choice, just “happened”) … again?

Fact is this – its like it was never even there in my life.

Wifi? Another thing most people are so addicted to …

I dont have it at this point in time, by CHOICE.

I didnt in 2020 either – by CHOICE. (for a brief period of a few months which would seem like a lifetime to most people).

Most people will read this and say “so what”.

But lets see THEM do it.

Maybe I’m exceptional in that (I know, so humble as always!) all these things dont affect me as they would the average person, or I just know how to control my BRAIN better – or I should say, I understand the brain controls all ..

But whatever it is, I doubt I’ll fit into addict category for any of the above, or most of the things people are so addicted to (food being another huge example).

(The Tee Vee and cable, news etc – ugh. Haven’t had it for like YEARS now, 10 plus and going, and wont ever either).

But I’m human.

What I really, really miss when I dont have it – either by chance or choice?

Something you’d think would never be addictive in the first place.

something so healthy that you’d think I’m nuts to say it’s addictive. Hehe.

No, not coffee either …

Believe me, when I run out of green tea – THAT is when I’m a cranky motherfucker. Hehe.

If you want to bring the inner bear out in me and a cranky one at that, take my TEA away. Hehe.

It’s just hot water and tea leaves, but damn, I love that shit!

Second thing?

My HILL – and if thats not there, my exercise routine.

I’m literally addicted to squats and pull-ups for one, can’t live without them!

In China, there is a reason they dont allow prisoners to exercise. Hehe.

If you gave me a choice right now between never drinking a cold one and never working out again – I would NOT hesitate to say I’ll choose numero uno.

Never being able to workout again, THAT is something I couldn’t do without!

Anyway …… other than this?

I dont know, I’ve racked the ole brain, I can’t seem to find anything at all that I’m addicted to, or ever was. Pot included, I remember my friends in college all going “hazy” with the bong hits, yours truly inhaled, inhaled, inhaled, nothing ever seemed to change in front of me. Hehe.

Anyway ………..

Point of me writing this isn’t to tell you to give your favorite privatations in life up.

I have not. Hehe.

I drink me cold beer anytime I want some.

But it’s very comforting to know – liberating, I should say – you dont “need” it – or anything – or something.

Most people will never ever experience that feeling in their entire lives, they’re too scared to experiment, keep an open mind and do the thing …

Same thing for fitness, my friend.

Most people will never really know what it means to be TRULY pain free, TRULY fit, to truly have a carved midsection that is as strong as it looks, to truly have a strong grip, to truly have veins snaking out all over your forearms, legs that wont quit, and so forth , the list goes on and on and on …

Its a pity, because most people CAN have all that.

They just believe they can’t …

Anyway …

Its always best to be “addicted” to the good things, the NATURAL things – things that make you a better YOU my friend.

And bodyweight exercise routines fit that bill perfectly.

You WILL be ADDICTED – I repeat – ADDICTED to the 0 Excuses Fitness System (and my products in general) once you get on ’em.

Trust me, people have said it makes them feel so good, better than anything else they’ve EVER done makes them feel, and I agree, it’s true.

So if that scares you, dont get the product.

But if you’re brave enough to want, cherish and GET the good life – fitness included – you’ve always wanted – then start right here.

And thats that. Back soon! (as always, hehe)


Rahul Mookerjee

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