The power of MOMENTUM
- And how YOU can become UNSTOPPABLE

I talk often about “becoming an unstoppable force of nature” in my books, products, I believe most specifically on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page.

Most dismiss it as “pure marketing”.

But it’s more than that, my friend.

Let us, for a minute, take a look at Mother Nature, and the real unstoppable forces there.

Lets talk tsunamis – lets talk WILDFIRES (forest fires, bush fires, whatever you call it depending upon where you’re at) – lets talk … avalanches?

How do all these cataclysmic events START – begin?

The little ripples under the surface of the earth miles down into the ocean no-one hears, not even the ocean dwellers a few feet above “ground level” – THOSE start that giant wave of destruction, the little ripples creating a massive force ultimately that pulls the ocean back from the shore, and then dumps it back with terrifying speed and force NOTHING can match.

Same thing for avalanches and such – a boulder rolling down hill is often enough to start what becomes an unstoppable TORRENT.

Forest fires?

You’ve often heard and seen the signs of “dont smoke around here” in the woods – even one tiny cigarette, one spark is enough to start more which eventually turn into  a conflagration.

Something small builds while you dont notice it. Most people including you might not notice the results.

It could mental, physical, even pyscho physical if you so choose.

But those daily actions, that daily practice BUILDS – until a point where one day you wake up and suddenly realize you’ve got that one thing behind you which really matters – MOMENTUM – and that momentum is picking up.

You may have heard the saying “when you’ve got momentum behind you, you’re unstoppable”.

And it’s TRUE.

In the World Wars, many wars were fought which were seemingly lost, yet the “losing side” kept plugging away until the tides CHANGED – they always do if you keep at it long enough.

Suddenly, the losing side became the one pushing back the others in a giant tide of what would ultimately become an overwhelming VICTORY (though it didnt come easy at all!).

Same thing for sports.

Many a cricket match has been thought to be lost – until the “chasing side” really took it deep and pulled up a miracle.

“It’s never over until the last ball is bowled!”

And it isn’t.

Key thing here, which most people miss, is to get the ball rolling.


If you dont get the ball to move, nothing moves. Get it to move, and keep rolling, and it picks up speed, often without you doing much at all in terms of conscious pushes.

Trust me on this one, friend.

And your fitness – the same damn thing.

Those workouts which might not seem to add up to a lot do.

Once you get to the point you’re knocking off 200 odd squats daily, perhaps 50-100 pushups, perhaps 50 pull-ups over the course of a workout or a day, or whatever your current workout is – once you’ve been doing that a while, one day you wake up and realize youre pretty much on auto pilot.

You realize there are TANGIBLE improvements with every workout, which might not have been evident before.

You realize things – obstacles that mattered before barely seem to EXIST NOW, let alone matter.

You wake up one fine day and realize you have the power behind you – the POWER that really counts, matters – the power of MOMENTUM.

And you roll along, picking up speed with each workout – becoming a fitness machine – a bonafide MONSTER.

And thats how it works in life, fitness, goals of any kind my friend.

Once you have momentum on your side, you’re literally unstoppable no matter what anyone else says or does.

Remember this lesson, because it’s not only sage, it’s KEY.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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