“what grip do you have to use to set a record in pull ups”
- And thats a great question!

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I suspect it’s a “he” thats asking this question. And “he” did not ask me directly – I got this from some of the software I’ve installed on the site – the same software that tells me when people add products to cart, then never get them or “abandon” them – the same software that tracks your clicks etc (hence the “uncanny” way in which I figure out what you want, though a lot of that is gut feeling, honestly) – and so forth.

And it’s a great question!

One you could pose to any stalwart US Marine – those that pride themselves on doing pull-ups – from various positions as well, not necessarily the “exercise oriented” pull-up (though that is very useful and you should get damn good at it before trying any of the fancy stuff out!)

But like my buddy from the Marines and I discussed (Marines and Seals pride themselves on their pull-up ability) – those different types of pull-ups can well help you save your LIFE someday (and a customer on here told me much the same thing too, which of course is common sense, but he’s right anyway!).

I knew there was a reason I was thinking Bourne Sprints and Da Xing Xing workouts this morning. Hehe.

Anyway – you could probably ask a certain David Goggins as well, toughest SOB or one of them I’ve seen going around, passing the Seals test once is no joke, he’s done it twice apparently, got through Ranger school as well, again, no joke!

I think – it’s there on the “Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!” page – he did 4000 something pull-ups consecutively (time frame mentioned too) – got into the Guinness book of world records too. Damn!

(deserves it).

I dont know Goggins personally obviously, but I’d bet you anything he trained a minimum of 100 pull-ups and 100 handstand pushups per workout, which for Goggins, much like me back in the day (well, not that long ago) was probably  just part of an otherwise even more intensive workout, with 100 being the point where he said “lets do 10 more” and DID.


But anyway – back to question.

The grip while doing pull-ups!

LOTS of people tell you to, and do CHIN-UPS – i.e. with palms towards you.

I’ve got nothing against this movement – great movement, but it’s NOT as natural a movement as the pull-up, my friend – where your fingers are pointing away from you.

To illustrate this – pick something up – or pull.

Do you naturally do it with fingers away – or towards you (no, I aint talking deadlift here).


I thought so.

Furthermore, and this is a secret even most advanced trainees ignore, it’s something I keep emphasizing in the books – USE THE THUMB!

SO many people claim “we’re strengthening lats in pull-ups”.

True, you are, but if your focus is simply on lats, you’re not doing it entirely correctly.

GRIP should be, and remains the FIRST point of focus, if you dont GRIP and literally squeeze that THICK bar like your life depends on it (I was visualizing just THIS this morning) – then my friend, you’ll never be able to set any sort of record at pull-ups no matter how hard you try.

And you simply cannot grip to your full ability without using the thumb.

You simply cannot develop the grip best without using THICK bars – or thick, fat gripz as I use.

(both extremely tough, but you’ll see – once you get used to them – normal pull-ups will be a breeze!)

Anyway, I’ve ALWAYS been a huge proponent of the supinated grip i.e pull-ups finger pointing away from you pull-ups …

The chin up does work the chest a lot more, but it’s an unnatural movement, and has caused elbow joint issues for me in the past, and I suspect a lot of others too.

And overall, the pull-up is much tougher, and nothing works the body like a regular pull-up does (probably why so many people weasel past it and try and avoid it like the plague. Hehe).

So in short …

To set world records?

Practice your ass off, and do so DAILY.

Make sure your pull-ups are part of a balanced upper – and OVERALL – body routine. Make sure your body fat is low, make sure your core is strong as ever! (these two things cannot be over emphasized, simply training pull-ups wont get you there, period).

Do not ignore pushups, especially fingertip pushups and extended arm pushups.

And do pull-ups on THICK bars whenever possible.

DO use the thumb.

And always use a supinated grip – its the best in terms of getting better at pull-ups, and eventually, if you so choose, setting world records at it!


I think I gave away a LOT of my secrets here, but thats OK.

There’s more, way more I have not covered here – and those interested, well, start by getting Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks NOW.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – in terms of an overall fitness routine, a solid baseline, this program has NO comparison, period.

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