Yet more reasons I never have any sympathy for (so called) or (really) cannot understand WHINERS…
- As if I needed more reasons. Hehe.

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I dont know if you can see the subtitle here, I believe yes, but yeah – as if I needed more reasons!

I dont, to be frank.

But theres one I haven’t spoken about – DIRECTLY.

That being, cuz, what is the POINT i.e. of sympathizing with whiners, “understanding their so called predicaments” which in most cases is karma, not much else, and so forth …

Lets talk about the current cost of living crisis everyone is whining about (at least in the West – in Asia and such its a given that the government will never help you anyway, so whats the point of whining people say – rightly say so – and no, I’m not advocating everyone turn into the Third world either – hang with me for a bit will ya).  . .

Look, there’s two ways of dealing with it, one is to say sorry up and down, “sympathize”, be as liberal “caring and understanding” or whatever other jazz you call it – the other?

Is to be realistic and practical.

Part of that involves, and I want to ask people on this list – those that whine up a storm about everything – this – a) have they ever run a biz themselves, and b) are they even aware that this isnt just affecting them, it’s affecting us ALL – business included??

Lots of people have this idiotic idea “he’s a businessman so he’s rich”.

Some have said in the past (NOT an idiotic things to say, hehe) that the one reason I’m not as rich as Jeff Bezos is my courses are certainly not tailored towards the masses wanting “easy stuff” and nothing more “hand holding and feel good crap” in other words that does precious little except the above, and in short, because I’m not a pussy trainer.

Charles was spot on there. Hehe.

But given what we’re discussing and people moaning about price on products etc, folks – remember – I’m not quite at Jeff Bezos level as yet, and not even close. Hehe. I may or may not get there, I will keep my thoughts to myself there, but point being what is “now”.

Lots of whiners forget that i.e. goose and gander, how the other person feels when all this is constantly thrown at him – I dont mind – but its illogical as hell, and point is this – it’s mens thoughts that create all this, simple.

I’ve been saying it for years, there is NO Escaping karmic justice, people think it’s all talk – but it ain’t either. It’s reality, you’re seeing it play out in front of you, and it aint even started.

Anyway – real point and real reason why I can’t even begin to understand this “feel good” lot?

Look, you can be sorry up and down till the cows arrive home, or pigs fly out of your ass.

Thats all well and goody, but does it FIX the issue?

I think not.

Other way is what I do, skip the BS formalities and just DO i.e. figure out and implement a SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM!

Lots of people dont like hearing that.

They like hearing this even less – your fitness is the same damn way.

Look, I dont care how “hard”it is for you right now in terms of fitness, if you’re a fat slob due to years of inactivity on your friend the deep couch, thats your fault – and your problem.

If you’re too much of a pussy to look in the mirror and admit you’re fat, or weak, or whatever the case might be – its on YOU, not me.

Lots of folks have it hard, some harder than others.

Whining about it solves zero.

DOING something solves the issue.

And that there is the point of this dispatch and all the businesses I run.

I focus on hard nosed solutions, not impractical feel good pissy BS.

And that ain’t for everyone.

But my stuff WORKS.

What would you rather have – the feel good BS – or something that cuts past it and offer a real practical solution?

I’ll leave the choice up to you.

But it’s an answer to the pseudo question posed in the title of the email, it’s also something for the whiners to ponder…

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ive said it before, I’ll say it again, the REAL pandemic – is not the scamdemic or panicdemic from 2020 – it is how fat, entitled and LAZY people are getting in general, its just getting WORSE!

And the solution to your rapidly deteoriating fitness, my friend (for those where it’s applicable) is my premier flagship product – the 0 Excuses Fitness System. (and indeed all my other products).

Nothing fancy, no extranneous BS, just what WORKS, flat out WORKS.

And thats that.

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