Gorilla Grip, Bear crawls, and more…

If I had to give you guys two books to buy – that even if you did not ever get 0 Excuses Fitness – would get you in super solid great shape – and keep you there for the rest of your life, it would be the following –

Gorilla Grip

Animal Kingdom Workouts

Yes, those two!

Now, not getting 0 Excuses Fitness before getting the former book, well, thats like putting the cart before the horse as some have said, so I do not – I repeat, NOT – recommend it, that is a baseline, that should ALWAYS be the FIRST purchase you make on this site.

The rest comes later.

But really, grip and bear like “super human” strength, flexibility, agility – another course I’d highly recommend all of you get – the compilation on isometrics, truly, this compilation is like nothing out there, nothing you’ve ever seen before, the results when in conjunction with the above two will STUN you, period, and  I really mean that.

Anyway …

I’m well known for the being the grip guy that easily opens the hard to open jars, cans, knots that never get untied, those annoying little things that require finger strength to open and so forth.

This morning I gave an old oak door – solid oak, wooden, it gets stuck all the time a mighty heave ho like a bear was hammering on it – once.

It’s a door NO-one can open.

The wife tries, the workers try, everyone tries, but the handle is one of those old fashioned ones which gets stuck in the wood, never opens with grip alone.

But you need grip to BUDGE That damn thing – so I hammered it once as if I were a grizzly rising up in anger …

… the impact shook the house. Hehe.

Nothing new for me, of course!

But anyway,  in a minute, the damn door opened.

Now, I could go on and on about the LOOKS part of this – how people keep commenting on me “losing weight so rapidly” (even AFTER I lost weight) – about staying in shape – about “you’re too slim! Dont lift that, you’ll hurt your back!” (then gape when I do so with ease), and all this .. but really, what I want to write to you about?

10, or a few benefits of that type of training and the strength and conditioning it builds in no particular order –

One, tremendous vascularity throughout the forearms – all of y’all want this, right?

Get your fat ratio levels down FIRST though, and you can do this with the exercises in the books above.

Trust me, that feeling of vascular forearms…. well, I dont need to mention it to you guys, do I now? Hehe.

Two, strength like I’ve mentioned above – comes in very handy around the house – the gym – wrestling ring – and overall, when you know you have the strength to just bear hammer someone into submission, well, in a fight a lot of other things stop mattering.

Not saying technique etc aint important, it is, but brute strength tells after a while as well.

Three – the way you FEEL.

Animal like, ALIVE, just full of vigor and vitality.

Four, train like the bear – or tiger – enough times – and you’ll stop worrying about your core.

Five, along with pull-ups and fingertip pushups, there is NOT ONE better movement you can do than the bear crawl, do it, and you’ll see for yourself!

Six – this sort of grip comes in damn handy in sports – I know that plays into the above, but still, shaking hands, tennis, wrestling, boxing, it warrants another mention.

Seven, your pull-up ability will shoot through the roof if you train grip right, a HUGE portion of not getting good at pull-ups is weak grip, even if you’re using the machines at the gym that isolate the lats – big mistake – and think you can deadlift a ton, you might be surprised when you do high rep pull-ups, or even weighted pull-ups.

Eight, playing into seven, training grip (and isometrics) trains ALL the weak links in the body without even thinking about it, nine, training grip right develops upper body tendon strength in a way nothing and no other exercise can.

And ten, animal like workouts simply BLAST away fat better than ANY other workouts you’ll do, period.

Dont believe me, get on the floor and do a simple duck waddle for like 20 seconds, rest for four seconds, do this four more times.

You’ll see!

It’s truly workouts that ignite your fat burners from the inside out, pally.

And mine deliver on that front better than ANY OTHER OUT THERE.

Get you some – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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