Why women love “brooding rebels” and what that has to do with YOU.
- Some man to man talk here, heh

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First off … this dispatch here is for real men, not liberals, not wusses, not pansies that get easily offended, certainly not the best and brightest (not) of the lot i.e. Nazi feminists (but I love ’em, I make SO much $$ from some of them on auto pilot, hehe, without them even knowing which is the ultimate “kick”) …

If you fit into any of those categories, or if you’re just interested in fitness, please click away.

(actually, there is a bit about fitness. There always is).

But anyway, while searching for something to watch on Prime, I came across some movie I wouldn’t watch in a bazillion years, something about some “happily married and faithful girl” (aint they all, hehe) “loyal to her high school sweetheart” and other feel good crap – until she meets a brooding rebel who makes her re-examine her life, what she is doing with it, priorities, hidden feelings, DESIRES etc.

Now, I aint gonna watch it.

But I could tell you one damn thing – those movie makers may or may not have made a good movie (I dont know, I dont care) but the description dudes got it spot on.

I believe they call them “content writers”. Hehe.

Why do I say that – well, EXPERIENCE.

Sure, women all want money – so men know, think, and it’s true, but the bottom line – even with all the money in the world, EXCITEMENT is what they really crave – along with intelligence (hence the boot to the Bozo and so forth) (although Bozo doesnt quite like that sort of boot, hehe) – and something new, fun, conversation, making them think, TALKING – instead of alpha macho male crap ALL The time (though it works a lot of times) – and so forth, but again – back to excitement.


A free spirit, someone not tied down by the mores of this world.

Someone THEY want to be. And so forth.

You might have heard two sayings.

“Women love bad boys”.

“Women are never satisfied”.

Both BE true. Hehe.

And yours truly, the experiences I’ve had with so many females, all so called happily married is but one form of proof here.

“But she would have married you if she loved you” whine the Nazi feminists.

Um, first off, honey, I didnt want to marry her. Neither did she. Women can be and usually are very cold blooded and transactional in nature (no, not always money either) than most think …

Or so called practical “having her cake and eating it too”.

Second – I’m hardly the perfect husband, and I go out of my way to advertise it.

Very proudly.

Not for me the stable job, the 9-5, the cuckolded lifestyle so many men love to live saying “its to keep the peace” and so forth.

(dont get me wrong, if thats you reading it – hey – to each his own, I really dont care, but I could not personally live like that, I never have, I never will).

And bad boys, the “danger” – the allure – all of it – women, my friend, are IRRESISTIBLY drawn to that sort.

That dont mean you can get away without brain, but if you have some, it makes your job SO much easier. Hehe.

Now, point of me telling you all this?

Isn’t to brag, no.

Isn’t to give you relationship advice, no.

It’s to tell you this.

What women really like physically, Nazi feminists included – and I’ve been very damned vocal about this, because it’s true is not the “big huge bulky muscles look”.

Fat guys convince themselves that “she likes big men”.

No she dont either, she’s merely getting by with one. Hehe.

Ask her if you dont believe me.

What women like the MOST, and what (curiously enough or maybe not every true bad boy I’ve known has this) is raw animal sexuality coupled with a FLAT stomach.

Yes, it’s not the wang doodle, or even the brain up there (though thats very important).

It’s the FLAT stomach, core strength, strong legs and muscular without it being too obvious back that women really like.

Strong arms.


And no, a huge chest or bulging biceps is not necessarily a turn on, usually the opposite.

Dont believe me?

Ask any woman.

Ask her – or simply watch any real movie or “real” porno or what not (if there is such a thing) and see if you can figure out the part of the body women love the most, touch the most and…

And you shall see. Hehe.

Now, what does this have to do with you?

Well. simply this.

To turn into an irresistible force of nature, not just to women, but fitness wise – oddly enough the latter is what attracts the former – auto pilot, once you get the latter down you wont even consciously think of the former – a REAL brute – an ANIMAL – in every which way if you get my drift (arent we all such animals, females included, hehe) – well, you’ve got two options – both options actually need to be taken.

One, follow what I tell you in Animal Kingdom workouts, and you’ll see (enough said).

And two, get good at pull-ups, damn good …

This little course here teaches you how… And then THIS one.

And make sure to get your CORE work in – daily, everyday, multiple times a day, regularly. Please dont be a lazy ass and skip leg core and grip work – its not going to work, period.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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