The two best “physical” investments I made around the house in terms of fitness
- You *should* be able to guess one...

One of them is something those of you on the list should guess right.

Yup, you got it – that trusty ole chinning bar!

From the time I welded a huge rusty iron pipe to the hallway in my apartment in china (landlady never knew – thank Goodness, hehe) – to taking it down and putting up a regular chinning bar in the bedroom doorway (landlord DID give the OK for that, I doubt he would have for the other one – yall know the story on that!) – well, I’ve never quite been without a chinning bar at home.

Even when I was a bonfaide phat phock x 10 – even in the Middle East, where at certain points I really blew up – I’d get me a chinning bar and use it at home (despite people telling me to lose weight FIRST).


It’s always been there for me, along with my squats, favorite exercise by far – although pushups are a close second!

Now, I’ve said before you dont NEED pull-ups to get in super shape – but it’s a natural movement you’d be an idiot not to get damn good at – along with monkey bar work (more on that in Gorilla Grip, another hidden key to MASSIVE and quick gains in upper body and especially GRIP strength, nothing quite works the forearms like it for one, traps too).

(especially if you do them with added weights, two at a time like I do etc).

(btw, for more great tips on building that rock solid, CAST IRON, “kung fu like” UNSHAKEABLE grip, check out an oft ignored book – Gorilla Grip I(TIPS!))

Anyway – what is the second?

You  might NOT be able to guess that one!

I’ve gone on record saying you dont need fancy equipment to get in shape, but there’s lots of useful tools, clubs, grippers, a lot of great stuff out there – and a highly underrated “ab roller” I’ve written about before, and not as much as I should – primarily because I dont use it a lot (I dont need to!).

Anyway #2?

Them damn thick grips I use on the chinning bar.

I think they’re around 4 inches thick if I’ve got it right, now you’d think for a guy who does pull-ups all the time outside on thick iron bars – this wouldn’t be a big deal – but you’d be wrong in a way.

Its great to do ’em that way, you should.

But thick grips – you can really SQUEEZE these suckers like you cannot an iron bar …

More to the point though – if you’re like me, and if you’re doing pull-ups throughout the day – which I do often if I dont do them outside all at once (another key to getting better at pull-ups) … then it’s a hell of a lot different banging out 10 perfect pull-ups every time you pass by the chinning bar and doing them WITHOUT the grips.

Trust me, when I first got these grips, they were a challenge for me.

Trust me on this one,  yes, even for me.

OF course, I didnt half ass form.

And I found that its not just grip you tax more, when you really squeeze, you force yourself to focus on FORM – and lats even more – your entire upper body is tensed that much more, you build that much more muscle, burn that much fat – and serious grip work taxes the brain like nothing else as well.

You might find that strange to believe but our hands have the max number of pressure points/connections to the ole “big head” – or whatever you choose to call it, or the lack thereof for many people these days!

And training the grip hard – you train the whole body, the brain as well.

Same thing for squats, when you really grip with the toes like I tell you to in Squat 101, like I told you in these emails before, then you’re working the pressure points of the SOLE intensely – whether or not you believe in reflexology is NOT the point here.

Just do ’em that way – daily, and lot of ’em … and report back after 30 days on your overall health, well being, how you feel …

Well, my friend, had to write to you about that.

Maybe I’ll do some club work now – another massive T booster if done right, a lot of people dont …

But there it is – the two best investments in fitness I ever made, didnt cost a bomb, lasted like forever, and so forth …

Food for thought for YOU TOO, my friend.

And remember, if you do pull-ups, or anything do ’em right.

Squats – the 0 Excuses Fitness System has most of all you need to know, along with Squat 101, the upcoming book.

Pull-ups, well, here you go – and here.

And thats that, back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Those on the fence, stop dilly dallying and get the damn books already, my friend. Time stops for NOBODY, it wont for your lazy butt either…

Do what you should have done yesterday NOW (if you have not already, really, if you cannot feel yourself RACING to order after you read all this, you aint got a pulse, hehe, thats really the bottom line, and I dont train people without a pulse. Hehe).

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