Two MORE hidden secrets to corsucating, RIP ROARING, grizzly like grip strength
- Lots of them today, eh.

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They’re both mentioned in Gorilla Grip, I believe – and with all the secrets I’ve been giving out for free today, you’d think I done gave the entire house away.


I haven’t even started, my friend.

My books  on grip alone are packed with info – each line is valuable as “gold” in terms of training knowledge gleaned from hard ass experience “in the trenches” over the years – that would take YEARS to explain here, and years for you to fully master, if ever (remember what I say about mastery in 0 Excuses Fitness – even the true Masters will say there’s always new horizons to SCALE, so it should be – for YOU TOO).

Thats a little something more for the price whiners…

Anyway, the two things – one being “lever” work – which heavily disadvantages the forearms – and the entire body if you use the entire body too – and REALLY focuses on building certain muscle groups – the closest thing to “isolation” you can get, but youre still working compound muscles together big time!

Gymnasts will know a thing or two about grip and levers.

There’s bodyweight movements on the floor alone that I could give you that would take you years to master – the INITIAL lever movements – trust me, there is NO limit to what you can take bodyweight workouts to (I dont have a book out on level movements as yet though, maybe in the future).

But lets talk grip.

Take a thick handled heavy old fashioned garden hoe, and hold – simply hold – so that the damn thing is at right angles to your forearm (and don’t bring the whole body into it – focus more on forearms).

Bring it up and down with forearm strength alone.

If you can do this at all, you’ve already got a pretty damn strong grip (if you can HOLD in that position).

If you can do it with even 8 kg clubs, you’re approaching “stud” status (same thing for maces, kettlebells, and so forth).

Look, those levers – another one of them is .. ah, but thats secret #2 – force the forearms to work when they’re disadvantaged position wise, just do ’em, you’ll really see.

Even those of you like me, not a lot at all – that can do thick grip pull-ups willy nilly will find this hard when you first begin.

And it will REALLY make the forearms pop and bring out vascularity like you ain’t never seen before, hidden veins popping out ALL over the place.

Do these regularly, do these throughout the day, the old timers all did it.

And the second tip – well, fingertip work.

Fingertip pushups.

Any of the Animal Kingdom Workouts (upper body movements) done on your fingertips.

These are another type of “lever” – especially if you’ve got long fingers. Hehe.

And let me tell you, working pushups on your digits, doing animal movements – or even finger pull-ups (but I dont rate those very highly, to be honest) – these strengthen not just the fingers, but the entire forearm in “reverse” like you dont get from just gripping like a monster.

So do all the other methods I’ve explained here..

Get your grip on NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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