So much for democracy in the U of K??
- Pathetic, really.

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Like, grow the fuck up is what I’d like to tell people in general …

And stop being so easily offended is what I said on Twitter – not that people in general would listen, heh.

I’ve been repeatedly pointing out the glaring hypocrisy and stupidity potrayed by the Western media in general about the Russia Ukraine scuffle (I wouldn’t even call it a war) – about magnifying tiny Ukranian gains over and over again till they sound utterly ludicrious and failing to observe basic facts on this which I’ve iterated over an over again, I wouldn’t again, but here they are –

Russia never committed more than 10% of its military to the “fight” –  and they never were on a war footing.

Ground realities are the opposite of what the media potrays for Ukraine, thats just the bottom line, and pouring billions of dollars of aid into the country will only, and you can see this, prolong the conflict and make it way worse for Ukraine.

The Russians had this thought and planned for years, as they said in “The Hunt for Red October” – the Russians dont take a dump without planning it. Truth be told neither do the Chinese, neither do I (subconsciously) – neither does anyone with half an effing brain (liberals dont count here!).

If Trump was in office, none of this would have even gone down – why? Well, the Trumpinator wouldn’t be foolish enough to provoke the bear, he’d live and let live, and so would the bear, its that simple.

(I mean think about it, what if Russia showed up with their military to Mexico – – would the US not – and should they not – and would they not react? I think yes, but when the shoe’s on the other foot, the answer is no? Hypocrisy, plain and fuckin simple!).

It seems the world in general has completely forgotten Iraq and the devastation wreaked there, and Iraq never put any military of its anywhere did it?

Again, I’m not saying what is happening is right or wrong, but it’s justified fully in my book, and the glaring hypocrisy of sanctions only partially applied (and designed so that “Europe won’t suffer”)  – any idiot can see this was all done to benefit the defense industry, get rid of old arms and so forth.

Maybe some on this list feel otherwise – thats fine. My buddy DT (I’ll call him that, hehe) does too – but he wont block me for having a different opinion, neither will I cancel you if you call me a fool for saying what I am (but again, facts speak).

Facts also are this the Russians haven’t even brought most of their advanced weaponry out while the other side is burning through all of theirs, or most, fact is the Russians believe in the long game, so do the Chinese, the other side can’t even comprehend the meaning of the word “Game” – the Biden admin is full of bloody lunatics to be honest and it aint just me saying that …

If Russia really wanted, Ukraine would have been GONE by now.

Fact is, they simply want to demilitarize it to the point no-one can put armies on their border.

True, NATO was already there to an extent in terms of Norway etc, but those countries – Nordic nations have been traditionally neutral and that presence was there more for the Arctic, not so much Russia…

I fail to see how this idiotic media reporting going on, completely one sided, STUPID and biased is even getting through, maybe thats why the Russians hardly comment on it. I mean it just comes across as so bloody desperate, fact is this – without all this aid Ukraine is getting, they wouldn’t even have held on for as long as they have – against like 10% of Russia’s military and the oldest arms, ammo etc they have… fact is also this, if the Russian military was so weak, wouldn’t Ukraine have been ‘liberated’ already?

I mean, I’m pointing out the STUPIDITY and desperation of this reporting… its amazing more people are not (though if you read between the lines a LOT OF PEOPLE are tired of it).

While they silently try and drum up approval for a full scale war amongst their own people, while theres other minor conflicts (Greece/Turkey, Ajerbijan/Armenia) spiraling out damn near everywhere, I cannot see how people didnt see it coming.

It’s also bloody hypocritical of people to forget the same US Congress, just different people as recently as I believe 2014 would NOT approve any military aid for Ukraine due to the presence of “nationalist elements” or whatever they framed it as, now when the Russians are more blunt about it, its a problem?

Anyway – back to Ole Blighty, I sure as phock didnt see or expect this one coming.

Apparently anti monarchy protestors, peaceful ones all of them are being rounded up by the coppers – some new law about “even if the protest is peaceful, then take em in because it might turn ugly”.


Back home Stateside we have BLM anarchists burning down entire neighborhoods, when the cops try and stop it, they get defunded or some BS – and here people are being taken away because they’re holding up a placard “anti monarchy”?

Personally, I think it’s bullshit.

Yeah, I understand feelings and emotions are running high on both sides – surely though that ain’t an excuse for canceling one side out??

And in a “democracy” which roundly condemns china for all it’s so called anti democratic abuses or not, and dont get me wrong, there’s plenty of merit there, but when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s perfectly fuckin ok?

Sorry, but I cannot stand hypocrisy, fellas.

I dont give a rip about the monarchy either way, Queen seemed like a nice old lady to me, but thats now, I dont know what I would have thought if I lived during the times the British ruled India for one.

But I dont live in those times.

I dont give a rats ass about those times either, point being, if I had an opinion either way, I’d damn well express it peacefully and if they carted me off to jail for it, well, I’d have a lawyer handy is all I can say – at least in the UK – until they outlaw lawyers there too, hehe.

Nah . Kidding…

Anyway, thats the rant on that one, had to share my feelings on this.

And same thing fitness wise, people act like hypocrites.

When they’re fat, they love to call other fat people out but do nothing themselves.

When others get in the best shape of their lives, thats never noticed, when they get in the worst shape its always noticed, so you’d think. HEhe.

Except, deep down inside, everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, and what is right is always right, what is wrong is always wrong, and that surely, truly, is the bottom line, my friend.

Off my soap box for this one.

Oh, gotta pimp the 0 Excuses Fitness System, hope the Bobbies dont come a running for me on that one. One of them I saw in the picture could use a bit of fitness training, as could ole Boris mocking Putin for his shirtless pics, now look, I love ole Boris, but he’s in no position to mock someone for fitness, let alone someone as fit as Putin. (real man).

At least Sleepy Joe despite all his other faults looks fit, and is fit to a degree, though poor chappie falls off his bike all the time, but Ole Boris, doesnt seem he could climb more than a flight of stairs without a pre planned trip to the emergency room later…this after his so called fitness routine in 2020…

Ah, but I digress. . .

Facts hurt, I know. For those that can’t stand what I say, do unsubscribe, but no, I wont stop pointing them out.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Sleepy Joe has quite the temper, he keeps challenging people to pushups. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be that confident the poor guy wouldn’t fall flat on his face while doing ’em, not because he can’t do them, but because … well, you get my drift. ?

He ain’t alone though.

Most modern day men, especially the so called metrosexual buffoons couldn’t do one pushup to save their lives.

But there’s still hope.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

And my pathbreaking course Pushup Central shows you the way, provided you’re not too cheap (or foolish not to) to invest in what is truly the best and only course of it’s kind on what is possibly the world’s oldest exercise out there (fact – I challenge you to show me another course of this nature, if you can, I’ll eat my non existent HAT).

OK, that is truly that. Back soon!!

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