The perfect Way to “love yourself”.
- I just saw it!

This works so much better than the mamsy pamsy crap of “love yourself”, “be kind to yourself” bullcrap that is so prevalent these days, that the liberals, pansies and other nutjobs use as an excuse and crutch to be flat out lazy.

I’m sure you’ve heard it, no?

Anytime something tough or hard is brought up, some facts that are uncomfortable, you hear this, or some version of it.

The world truly needs a kick up the backside (and it’s getting one in many regards to be honest).

Anyway …

I just saw the perfect meme, if you can spot what is IN the meme.

A picture of the Rock, looking significantly more natural than his bodybuilt self, though still HUGE – but it looks like the time he had a case of gyno.

No, the meme didnt say it.

But I’m saying it, despite everything being “hidden” – and what do I mean by that?

The pose showed his naturally huge arms off (Rock was always a massive guy naturally, apparently thats how they make them down there in Samoa!) …

… and next to it?

A cute little Rock face, and next to those massive arms, hugging something to that chest, as if to hide it, or cradling a baby or something?

A massive STONE.

And that is why I’m writing to you about it!

Look, I dont know for sure the picture was done that way to hide the bitch tits Rock once had (by his own admission).

But it FEELS that way, I dont know – just has the vibe, and on the other hand, you know what?

I’d back that sort of thing anyday – because he isn’t hiding them so much as telling those who listen that HEAVY lifting is what gets RID of them.

Sure, in Rock’s case I believe surgery was required, but then he’s in show biz, everything’s gotta be nigh perfect.

But I gotta tell you, there are few better indicators of inactivity than man tits – even being “naturally skinny” doesnt paper that sort of thing over my friend.

If you see someone otherwise skinny and light, but has man tits ,well, you got the photo…

If you see people too embarassed to take their shirts off at the beach – well, chances are excellent they eat and drink too much and workout too less – and aren’t honest with themselves about any of it, except when it comes time to take that shirt off.

Trust me on this, I’ve been there.

And trust me, I’m not huge on showing off pecs or anything – even in my super fit self now (I once did entertain the idea of a shirtless picture, which is still floating around on the good ole internet, and in the initial drafts of 0 Excuses Fitness which seemingly a lot of you on this list HAVE but my wife’s reaction of me being a porn star … although honey it was flattering, the bitching kinda put me off, and thats not the reaction I wanted to generate anyway) .

In fact, I’ve been asked to demonstrate my fitness that way as well, but no thanks, I’ll take the other route of demonstrating via exercise I do myself, reps I do and show you myself, not just talk about (unlike a lot of other nuts and so called fitness gurus).

Anyway – THAT my friend is the best way to love yourself, the Rock has it SPOT ON.

Hard workouts, healthy lifestyle – and hitting it HARD and HEAVY!

And the one course you need to place a pre-order for NOW in that regard – or two, actually are these – Squat 101 and Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, there truly are no course more brutal than this.

Well, Pushup Central does come close though!

And that is that.

Back – SOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

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