“You also can have a devil figure”
- Madam makes it sound like I dont. Hehe.

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Madam (a certain Cassie Li) makes it sound like I dont already.

Maybe this post would set her straight. Hehe.

Or, any of the numerous others detailing that sort of thing – maybe a quick “search” on the site, of course, given it’s a spammy sort of email with a halfway interesting sounding title (which is why I put it here) – she’s probably bulk mailed it out to thousands, if not more people.

Lady’s pimping some sort of herbal concoction (they call it tea, hehe) and no doubt slimming capsule, “build muscle NOW!!!!!!!!!!” pills – and other utter JUNK that doesnt work, destroys your body from the inside out – like a true body is built from the inside out, when you truly want to destroy, same there! – but something most people would jump at anyway “lazy man’s easy way out”).

I dont know if she knows I sell the real deal. Hehe. Or if I AM the real deal fitness wise, anyway – enough “self pimping” (aka promotion) for now.

Point is this, my friend – in addition to all the other things most people do WRONG to have a devilish figure (note – the skinny “bones protruding look” aint it, but neither is being a fat fucker and claiming you’re big but not fat – the MARTIAL artist look is what people are really after, wanting, and referring to) … and in addition to everything you need to do RIGHT to have a devilish figure, which I’ve covered so many times I wont get into it again, I’m gonna cover ONE very important point.

In Corrugated Core, you’ll notice (if you do it right) – nigh ALL the exercises focus on this one very important thing.

What is it?

Well, its the SIDES of the body.

Most people focus on the utterly useless crunch to isolate the front two “superficial ab muscles” in the midsection, neither do they achieve the desired results, nor does this work.

The secrets to REAL ab work is strengthening and working – the obliques – and “transversus” muscles (I know I spelt it wrong, so be it it’s the muscle underneath the superficial six pack muscles which hold everything, including your internal organs together).

Hit those muscles, you hit the entire core, you get the shape – except you dont do it the way most people think.

Anyway – this isn’t about promoting the book above, but that book is a must have if you’re serious about a “real strong midsection”, not the moronic beach bods or what not most people want.

In Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, this is covered in ALL the exercises too – my largest book easily by far as yet, and I’m still adding more to it. Hehe.

Now, in the videos I’ve put out there, in my writing so far, everything – I’ve told you to start easy, exercise caution, all of it – but when you see me swing the clubs with one hand, occasionally you’ll see me stabilize the club with the other hand on the way down.

Now, this is fine – it is progression #2 once you can actually handle the one armed swings (it’ll take you a long time, trust me, when you start out).

First, you get damn good at two arms with a light weight, then heavier, then progress to one arm, and min reps 40 for everything, preferably a 100 to really feel the heart pump, and muscles WORK! (and your GRIP).

And your whole body really, but really – here’s the thing.

The NEXT level to this, which is in the book, but I’ve not written about, or shown in videos as yet?

Is to swing all the way using just one arm.

Be very careful when you do this.

You dont want to snap your wrists – literally – on the sideways motion down, but really, done right?

This is a super – duper x 10 “crunch” for the sides of the body, you’ll feel the ENTIRE CORE work like never before.

Fat blaster x 1000!

Quite literally, my friend, the SIDES of the body (remember the scene in Rocky III where Apollo playfully gives him one to the sides?) are really what tell you if you’re in super shape or not, if you’re not, you’ll have flab hanging off it which as Brooks Kubik rightly says in Dinosaur Training people can pinch – and it hurts. Hehe.

“On the well conditioned guys, we grabbed a hunk of muscle”, he talks about his wrestling days in high school in the book – “on the fat ones, we grabbed a lump of LARD”. Not quite his exact words, but there it is!!

Not just the sides of the body, this sort of workout taxes your upper chest, traps and entire upper back area like nothing you’ve ever done.

And believe me, it will take you a long time to work up to it right.

Thats another reason why I go so hard and heavy on pull-ups too, another PRIME “side strengthener” if you do them in right form!

Combine with Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, you simply CANNOT go wrong.

And thats that.

Cassie, so much for the devilish email. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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