Kicking “combat” workouts – and more!
- And how they make you ... FEEL!

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In a word -they make you feel awesome.

I did some pull-ups today, my 100 squats – then some club work.

Then I wanted to … do something different, and so I didnt do more of the above (which I normally would have), but the idea struck me to hit a heavy bag – which I did – except with my long (as a certain Carol once said) “giraffe like” legs, hehe.

And 200 kicks later, basic kicks – my!

I truly feel the heart thumping, the endorphins PUMPING – the sweat flowing down my lower back – and more.

But this isn’t so much about that or even what sort of kick I did – basic Taekwondo kick we learned in 7th grade basically – as … well, how it makes you feel “otherwise”.

I’ve written before about the ass kicking (metamorphically speaking) I got in the ring with Marc the african Silverback Gorilla when I did what he said i.e. “go three rounds with me in the ring!”

Now, conditioning wise it wasn’t so bad, but the heart was definitely pumping, but it was how I felt the NEXT day that really mattered. (or matters).


As I told Marc later, my lower back – my traps, one side of my body (hips) just “felt” different from all the footwork involved.

And the style of movement – this even for someone like me well used to physical activity!

It’s differernt, my friend – combat sports are just DIFFERENT.

And the training you do for combat sports – nothing replaces it, nothing makes you feel like that sort of training does, not to mention mentally you feel on top of the world, great way to let off excess steam etc.

Now … my traps and lower back feel different TODAY. Right now.

And whats the point of me telling you all this?

Well, first off, the heavy bag lends itself to great workouts if you know how to use it right.

Even if you dont, you can get a pretty good workout in (but make sure to focus on form, you’ll be that much more efficient – although it’s easy to just go all out starting in, and you’ll still sweat … focus more on learning the FORM, whether you kick, punch, or both) …

And if you dont have a heavy bag, well, remember one thing.

The workouts I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness are exactly the sort of workouts the old timers did to get in the great shape they got in – they are precisely what combat athletes use until THIS Day.

And they’ll whoop your ass into shape like NOTHING else out there will, if you do it right -and quick at that.

Get your copy NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Great review –

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Murli Pawar, Project Manager, New Delhi, India

So true, my friend – so true!

Get your copy – NOW.

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