Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves and what not…
- And my thoughts, of course!

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This afternoon yours truly spoke to a guy who fell off a motorcyle a while back.

I’ve no idea if it’s similar to what happened to the wife a year or so when she braked too hard on her scooter or something and ended up spraining her foot to the point she could barely put any damn weight on it – but the injury is similar, and I suspect the “how” it happened is similar too.

People in China (and India, of course!) use two wheelers all the time, yours truly has steered AWAY from his childhood from two wheelers unless Im in the US of A where SOME traffic rules are followed, hehe (China’s not too bad in that regard, but places like India -well, as a client of Dad from Italy no less once said “the markings on the road are there for decoration” – or, as I say “to see who can break the most rules”)) …

Even then, I’ll be damned careful – these injuries for one!

Anyway, the dude can barely grip months afterwards – the wife recovered somewhat better, but she complains all the time about her body anyway, so who knows.

He’s nearing 60 at least though this dude, so it’s different in that regard with him, and he ain’t exactly the workout sort either (so to expect him to recover like I did after that nasty thumb crack injury I had – and many others – which I recovered through NO rest and more workouts – is a losing “battle”) …

So anyway, he was asking me about getting him some of those robotic “prosthetic” (or part) gloves if you get my drift.

I gotta get him to send me the Youtube he showed me, but basically it’s a glove sort of thing which helps you open the fingers, grip, etc etc, he can barely open his hand (left hand) now apparently, apparently the nerves are badly impinged.

My first response to him, of course, was to WORK the area more, but he didnt listen.

Use grippers, I urged (and I could almost, damn near, hear my daughter chime in like a mother duck “those things are available for kids too, I’ve used them! ” (she has)) …

And use easy ones, I said, and try and move the fingers more and more, just leaving them in that position will only make them more numb.

He hemmed and hawed, I told him I was into fitness – both personally and as a business, but I might as well have told him Jeff Bezos is planning to fly to Mars.

Like, “who cares” was his general thing.


Which is fine …

Then I told him to grip my hand while I gripped his other hand – and his eyes widened in amazement as I hardly even gripped, and I kept telling him to grip – MORE!

And no, it wasn’t a gripping competition either, I was showing him the fitness part of it, but anyway …

… I’ll be chatting up a colleague from the factory in a few days about it.

Would have asked Gorilla Girl Sophia, but she’s pissed me off with her BS for the past few days and despite her messages to the extent of “I thought you deleted me!” (I haven’t, but damn near!) – I’m NOT responding or discussing it with her (though my wechat done crashed too, so that makes it easier. Hehe)).

But really, I Told him all about strengthening weak tendons, muscles, products he could buy in that regard (not just mine) – but he wouldn’t listen to any of it.

Oh well, I shrugged.

If you want to spend big bucks, thats yours call I told him.

He laughed.

“I dont, thats why I want it from China”.

Except China hasn’t been that cheap for years, I told him.



I’ll keep ya’ll posted, but other than some vexing site issues on another biz which I’ve finally – I think – resolved – thats the tale for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Gorilla Grip now – truly the BEST in terms of developing a CORSUCATING, rock solid grip and done right, it’s great to recover from injury too if you vary the tempo etc.

And remember, putting the cart before the horse is pointless, pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too while you’re at it.

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