Self massage – and making “love not war” – to your “tired achy body” and …
- ... the amount of junk I gfet in my email, really!

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I swear, they say headlines in emails are important to get people to “open them” – and I guess with my over 30% open rate – which is good for ANY industry (not that I pay much attention to either open rates or click rates – SALES are the bottom line and/or the indicator for anything in my opinion) – and with me purposely trying NOT to make headlines sound overly snazzy or what not – I’m bucking the trend there again.

Email experts – the real ones – those who know their ass from a hole in the ground have been saying for a while now that my approach is the right one, those “click baity” email headlines dont work, but given what people are writing, they still seem to – to an extent.

Anyway – I got that piece of “junk” in my email today.

I haven’t even read the article its linked to, nor will I.

One of those bullshit “feel good” pieces which leads to exactly F all down the road.

I mean, dont get me wrong.

My history with massage – both hanky panky related and NOT, hehe – is well known.

Medicinal massages in China, regular sports massages, foot massages, I love ’em all, I get ’em all the time – so should I – and you!

Massage is nigh important, the Indian wrestlers for one knew the importance of a rub down after a tough day in the “akharas” …

I dedicate an entire chapter to it in 0 Excuses Fitness, as you know. With good reason.

When I sit at my desk, straight backed, I’m often massaging the pressure points on the the feet throughout the day – or the hands – I’ll even do my traps myself sometimes.

Hey, it works, but I dont do it to “fix my tired achy body”.

As a tech specialist told me rightly the other day (w.r.t some vexing issues we’ve been having on another site with a lot of heavy traffic slowing down an otherwise robust server – which I’ve fixed finally now, I believe) …

… it’s best to find out and cure the ROOT cause of the issue FIRST.

And so it is with your body, my friend.

If you’re constantly tired, irritable, achy, then there is something else going on, chances are excellent and second to none you need to get on a good exercise program that kicks your ass and you need to be consistent, damn consistent with it.

One day on, one day off, that aint gonna work here.

You have to do something daily. Make incremental progress – daily.

After about two months or so, or perhaps even earlier on being on such a routine – personally I think you’ll start seeing and feeling results within a WEEK if you do things right, and if you persist, the benefits amp up – compound interest if I might say so …

A hell of a lot better than applying fixes that dont “last”, dont you think?

Fix the underlying problem – NOW.

Get the 0 Excuses Fitness System without further delay, and start working on the exercises – NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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