Why my 8,40,000 th birth might just be my luckiest…
- Lunacy Central again.

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I was drying my hair the other night, one thing led to the other, and suddenly, a song popped into my mind – an old Bollywood song for some reason.

And along with that, an image of my daugher popped into my mind – that was a movie I enjoyed – then I remembered, my nine year old (recently) wasn’t even there then!


I asked her where she was, got the usual “donnnnnnnnnt ask me that Dad!” (she’s kinda prickly these days about everything it seems, but with the lunacy all around her, well, its affecting her too…) ….

“An angel in the sky, perhaps”, I said, rubbing her head affectionately, then walking out of the room – of course, the wife had to interrupt.

She claims “she never interrupts father and daughter” yet seems to find every chance to do so, which is alright sometimes, I suppose, but what she said – my.

“Don’t worry, honey! Everyone takes 8,40,0000 births before they land on planet Earth”, she announced like she was announcing some sort of a fact.

Now, my wife was never a religious freak – but over the past couple of years – she has turned into one.

Strange what stress that people dont admit exists – yet they know it does deep down inside – does to people.

And of course, couple the stress of “doing nothing” (and therefore having no real control over her life) with “someone will always do it for me” – and you have these weird ways it manifests.

I keep requesting her not to fill the kids brain with this sort of nonsense, I doubt it has much effect (but my daughter knows).

I mean, dont get me wrong, religion is fine. I aint got no problem with that, but taking things to extremes, bringing kids into it, all of that – till a point is OK, but after that … just gets to be annoying I guess, not to mention it has no real bearing in the real world.

Anyway ………….

Thats Lunacy Central for ya!

Maybe though, YOUR 840000 (I lose track of the zeros, hey, maybe there should be a 1 at the end, hehe)’s birth will be luckiest.

I mean, I’m used to my wifes lunacy, but even I guffawed when she said that.

“Thats a LOTTA births to go through, honey. Most people can’t handle one”, I chortled, then left the room.

But maybe it will for you!

Or, the number?

Maybe 840001 will be the number that turns YOU into a super human fitness wise.

It ain’t even all that outlandish, lets see…

200 Hindu squats a day.

200×30 = 6000.

Go a whole year, you get 72000, go five – you get …

Well, I dont know. Maybe it IS outlandish. Actually it is.


Anyway – back to terra firma.

To get in shape with a sensible fitness program that puts you through your paces, understands and teaches you the value of PRACTICE, progressions, and all those other nitty gritties we hear so much about … go HERE.

And I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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