Buttler Glyn got butt hurt
- The latest on Schofield, hehe.

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I haven’t mentioned the Bozo in a while, have I? Nah, I think not, despite his constant trolling, I left him “in ass” as it were… ?

(eww, that fishy stench I was getting this morning, I know the Bozo was around someplace)

Anyway, the latest on this clown –

Nothing you dont already know.

He’s pestering women, retweeting them and such, when they ask him not to (very politely) constantly share their pictures (and believe me, they ask nicely) then Buttler gets pissed off, and claims “they’re butt hurt” when in reality the bozo is upset he couldn’t put his tongue in the “nastiest” places possible….

Which of course ain’t just Schofield, sadly, a lot of guys tend to be that way.

“male ego” is a thing too, which can be good if done right, but done wrong – the opposite. (like with everything else).

Anyway – point of me saying this isn’t really to update you on Glyn, that was just a catchy title I thought of.

The less said about Butt Hurt yet in butt Schofield the better.

Point was, a lot of people suffer from “butt hurt” – and complain about it all the time.

“My butt hurts from sitting all the time!”

It’s actually something people say all the time, yet when you give them stretches to do that solve the problem, when you tell them to get off their butts and MOVE – do something, anything, even a mild walk, you hear “crickets” – well, that and the springs on the old couch creaking again.

Really, a lot of those aches and pains go straight the fuck away if you just MOVE, if you just work the body a little, people are just too damned lazy for one…

(and digestive issues perhaps when it comes to rear ends, if you’re Glyn Schofield, ugh, I dont even wanna go there with the cures for covid or what not he’s been putting up there).

Speaking of which, a gentleman I know was asking me about China, their zero tolerance to covid (I dont agree with it, but hey, it is what it is) – and I was like, well, I dont want to take the vaccine, period, and I wont.

“You can still get it anyway”, I told him

Later, I was to find out his wife got it on a flight to China … So did he, he recovered well, I’m not sure about his wife, as he left shortly thereafter. (explains why he was the one doing the grocery shopping, heh).

or maybe not on the groceries.

Anyway, thats that.

If you feel butt hurt by any of this I’m “sooooooooooo” sorry. (not, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The best way to get your butt in shape, and get rid of junk in the trunk, cellulite, and more – well, SQUATS, period.

Learn how to do ’em right HERE.

After you do, place the pre-order for Squat 101 as well, it promises to be – and IS – nothing you’ve EVER seen before, heh. Those tips, truly, some of them will make you “eat your hat and say Uncle” and thats just the beginning.

PS #2 – What I told the lady.

“Poor Chappie, but he’ll live. Hehe. ”

Not to mention keyboard warriors and trolls in general, they’d NEVER say what they do to one’s face what they do online, thats been discussed enough times already.

And she was right in that “is it silly to expect some BASIC courtesy”?

No, Ma’am, it’s not silly.

What is silly is how people have forgotten, especially over the past few years, the meaning of the phrase “basic human courtesy” …

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