“Do it alone. Do it broke. Do it tired. Do it scared. Just do it.”
- He might as well be a 0 Excuses FItness fan.

He – or she – or they – I’ve no idea who – might as well be a 0 Excuses Fitness – not just fan, but card carrying member and FAN-A-TIC!

Quote of the day basically this one for me …

’nuff said, my friends.

Just do it – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – – I once had this discussion with Major General Michael, he of “I could eat two lieutentants for lunch (he prob could, haha)” about my “splash screen” as he so artfully called it, showing the Tsingtao girl in all her full glory on Dongguan Expat.

It pissed off many, many liked it, some loved it. Michael, I suspect, loved it.

“Rahul, when are you going to get Tsingtao to pay you royalties”.


Spot on, but hey, bro. We loved that brew, we still do -some things, you “just do”, it aint about $.

Just do?


Maybe I should be having that conversation with Nike right about NOW. ??

PS – If youre “Chuck” and think it’s mindless BS as he once said about my posts on “just do it” (when fact is, I said it like it was on the almighty handstand pushup)well, well and good Sir, but please, dont write in and whine about it. Hehe.