Fathers, daughter’s dreams, and more …
- I'm loving it, hehe.

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Recently I was informed by my little girl about “Dad, do you know the one exam I got full marks on”?



Yes, the one language the entire family did NOT want her to learn, they were all very vociferously for French, not even near as useful practically (my own personal feelings about the French in general aside) …

.. and the one she did.

I patted on the literal and metamorphorical shoulders.

Yes, both of ’em!

“Now thats how I know you’re always Daddy’s little girl!”

I feel sorry for her, dealing with a completely dysfunctional situation at home, the constant drama between mother in law and wife (no prizes for guessing who), the constant BS being indirectly fed to her i.e. “its always ultimately the father’s fault” (it’s funny, when I’m there, “I shouldn’t be there I’m a bad influence”, when I’m not there, my “lovely” Dad writes telling me “your absence means she has mental problems”) …

Can’t win for losing hehe.

Some may write back and tell me what Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once said “they need an alpha there”.

They do, hes right, unfortunately some situations – some battles – especially those involving FEMALES – are left UNFOUGHT, you as a man will never win it – directly.

Indirectly is another story. Hehe. You CAN AND WILL Win those if you do what I tell you via the link (and aren’t too cheap about getting the tutorial, or manual, whatever you call that book)…

Not to mention, with women – most, not all – it always boils down to “I’m a woman so I can get away with it”.

There is always some form of blackmail, if not sexual, then other forms. There is NEVER a logical discussion – and no, while ALL Women are NOT like that, this is aimed at the very sizeable “always yelling about shit” majority that ARE.

Karen’s, the colored equivalent, all the rest – you know who you are. Hehe.

Funny part, it’s that group that could both DO With – and NEED – a calming, steady male influence – a REAL MAN – the most!

Look at what a bonafide Nazi feminist wrote on Twitter today …

“No-one will support a daughter’s dreams more than Daddy will!”

And she’s right.

Everything I do, directly or indirectly, even stuff that on the outside “may look like it’s just for me” – is linked to her in some way or the other.

People dont like it when that is brought up – especially not my immediate family, but thats how it always has been, she will always be the “3.2 kg” little girl she was in 2013 (even though she yells at me for saying it “Dad I’m no longer a baby!”) …

.. Like it or not, she is one of the very few things that truly matter to me in this Universe.

Fitness is another.

And I’m telling you, if you’re a single Dad reading this, or even a Dad (ever notice, by the way, how Dads get called out all the time for leaving, but when women do and plenty do its always “alright”? Dad leaving for work “he’s a deserter” – women do it – “career conscious” – what other fuckin B.S!) …

… or even a sensible Mom – then …

FITNESS is one of the best gifts you can give your children, my friend, period.

Kiddie Fitness is the GO TO BOOK, and the BEST damn gift you can ever give them in that regard.

And adults – well, ALL TOO MANY times, adults get away scot free with “I’m an adult, so I can do it, but kids can’t”.

Bullshit, my friend.

If you’re a lazy slob, dont work out – and justify it with horseshit, chances are your kids will too – directly or not.

If you’re a woman that doesn’t clean up after herself, creates messes galore and doesn’t clean up even when she should “I’m not a maid!” – well, chances are the kids will pick up on that too.

If you’re constantly on the dumbphone, yet yell at children for reading novels all day long (that last one … ugh!) …

Well, I dont know, there’s way too many families this BS goes on in, mine included, and I’m calling it out.

Because it’s TRUE.

Do yourself, then expect others to follow you, especially young kids!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pimp time – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – best damned gift YOU as an ADULT can gift yourself – today (in fact, you should have done it by now, hehe).

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