Focus “hocus pocus”
- Kids these days, my word.

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The precise, polar opposite of what we were like when young, or what it was like during the 90’s.

“We grew up playing in the woods”, I still remember a certain Alan telling me.

He was spot on

And he likely didnt get molly coddled when he fell off trees, or his hands scraped against the bark, or when he was told to climb a tree or what not.

Hell physical activity for him – and most in the 90’s was probably normal and routine to a degree for everyone during the 90′!

Even those fighting with each other during “road rage”, hehe. Thats another story though, not something I particularly advocate, but like life, hey, it happens sometimes on occasion.

Anyway – this was about focus, no?

“If you were living during our times, you’d be GROUNDED by now – big time” I often tell my daughter …

She would have – and then some. Hehe. What kids get away with these days, the only reason I dont push it too much is because of the dysfunction all around them, they have to balance it all in their little minds, so … that has to be taken into account as well.

But I was viewing her other exams after getting “notified so formally” of the good Spanish grades.

And MOSTLY, if not all of boils down to two things – focus – and practice. Both of which my daughter is rather averse to doing these days apparently with school work (and exercise too for some reason).

And on the exams, at least from what I saw – she KNOWS it all. She’s smart, chip off the old block, yet, that focus isn’t there, the mind is wandering a 1000 places, and she ain’t got any form of ADHD either before the politically correct liberal nutjobs jump in with that.

It’s a very clear cut case of needing to be disciplined, following a ROUTINE no matter what.

“Routines are boring” she yells.

Yet, that boring, unsexy stuff is what builds up to something, what really works, i.e. what I told an ADULT on Twitter who was moaning about “when everyone is moving forward with their lives – and you’re stuck” …

(or SEEMS to be moving forward, I should have told her, the BS on social media is hardly an indicator for one, often times the reality is the polar opposite from what you see i.e. the “2 min” of carefully selected and curated photos…) ..

PERSISTENCE was what I replied to her with.

And without focus, there can be NO persistence!

Without focus, there can be no daily practice!

Horse with blinders on, I have often written about it, its like I am in life, with my routines, my goals, my fitness, is it any wonder I (sometimes eventually, but it always happens) reach my goals no matter what ?

So can you, if you do the unsexy stuff.

And focus, well, dumbphones are the #1 culprit for destroying brains in that regard and many others everywhere yet people continue to knowingly and willingly feed their addiction to that (of course, thats why it’s called an addiction. hehe).

Anyway …………

I can’t help adults that knowingly not focus, and do it, be lazy etc, but I can say this much – if you flit around from system to system, if you never give any particular fitness system time to work, if you claim “the unsexy and boring stuff” isn’t something I need to do ‘because everyone has a different approach’, if you claim ” doing the thing day in and day out, often the same boring unsexy thing” doesn’t get results, then you’re a grade A fool and non doer. And thats all I gotta say about that.

Really, if you can’t focus long enough to do 100 squats (of your choice) at one go, and trust me, most today CANNOT – then you’ll never get where you want to be fitness wise (same thing for pull-ups, climbing hills day in and day out, or what not) – and the results, or lack therof  will damn well SHOW.

To kids, well, I’ll keep trying to tell ’em. It ain’t hocus pocus either, hehe.

Along with that, as a certain lovely lady “Jyoti” told me, and I had to retweet “a smile is the best way to improve your looks” (or change, I cannot remember her exact words).

I had to retweet.

Shes right.

(and she was right about requesting me not to retweet her picture – lots of Bozo Schofields and other lunatics out there).

A positive attitude goes a long way.

And a smile sure dont hurt, which is what I hope I bring to many people’s faces with my daily very uncensored, and unscheduled, and erratic, off the cuff rants … that just flat out work, hit the spot like NO other, and so forth.


Much like a fitness system which works like clockwork if you DO it , no matter the other things out there.

OK, enough pimping for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

(PS – the title of this email was unwittingly, unknowingly designed by the lovely daughter, heh)

PS #2 – the More you focus, the more mental strength you build, its as simple as THAT.

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