If wishes were horses, then beggars would RIDE.
- More on the self defeating folly of affirmations people dont get.

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This age old truism is probably far older than the “new age” thinking that was first made famous by Napoleon Hill in the 1940’s via “Think and Grow Rich” and his other books.

Dont get me wrong, Hill was a genius, FAR ahead of his time, and he was spot on in everything he said, including the part about attraction, sexual transmutation, and much more – but he also covered the nitty gritties of persistence, of DOING the thing repeatedly – of GRIT – never giving up – that are oh so conveniently ignored by most “gurus” these days especially on social media where its a crock anyway with fancy pictures and what not, but all about “feel good” and nothing else.

Dont get me wrong, again, feeling good – well, there is something to be said about that.

But if you’re really doing the thing, if you’re really headed to greatness, or even close, chances are you’ll be FRUSTRATED more than feeling good along the way – exhausted – tired – down in the dumps – wondering why the world seems to be against you – and so forth – and not “happy happy” as these idiots make it out to be.

I often remember my wife going to sleep with “female affirmations playing out” via headphones on the dumbphone.

No, I didnt tell her about it. If I did, “how dare I” would be the furious retort, and I dont want to waste my time anyway, nor do I want to give out unwanted advice.

Most of those affirmations, as I’ve written about center on this “I am happy” – and “I am rich”.

I even did a video on this last year, several emails as well.

The theory goes, and they’re right in that listening to something repeatedly before you go to bed – yeah, the subconscious picks it up far more than it would normally if you didnt really think about it,but two things –

One, if you have to listen to affirmations that way to force yourself to think about what you are – well, you dont really want it.

Two, you have to be careful in terms of how you instruct the subconscious mind – it brings to reality what it’s told to, however, most of these so called gurus will never tell you what the REAL words are that you should tell  yourself – and the real qualities to inculcate in yourself – because thats not “easy” and it would take their easy money away.

Yours truly has told you and continues to tell you plenty of times.

Until you WANT the thing deep down inside so bad that affirmations or not, it’s a part of you – it aint gonna happen.

Telling yourself repeatedly you’re happy, rich, when the reality is the polar opposite wont attract any of it to you – it will only make things worse.

And examples are there right in front of me everywhere…

Fitness wise, let me tell you this.

If you constantly look at fitness models, big guys, or whatever your ideal body “want” is – and then “wish” you were like that – well, if wishes were horses, phat men would be supermen.

But they aren’t.

You have to back that wish up with DESIRE.

You have to back that desire up with DOING.

If you really want it, chances are you’re already doing it – or on the way to doing it – or TRYING To.

SAYING “you’re fit” when you’re not before going to bed at night – and then waking up and proceeding about the rest of the day as usual won’t cut it, my friend. It wont attract it to you magically.

You’re far better off wanting it, creating that picture in your mind, and then telling yourself exactly WHAT you’re going to do in the morning – or instructing your brain to figure it out by the morn – and then following through and doing it.

Action is what ultimately counts.

Inspired action, that is.

And that can only come if you truly, truly REALLY want it.

Free life advice this most people will not give you, but believe me, I will – I am – and from one that has been in the trenches, well …

Gumption Galore and Zero to Hero! are some great reads in that regard, and of course, our coaching awaits you if you’re truly interested in improving your “lot in life” as it were.

No, it doesnt depend upon the war, economy, all that nonsense, it’s your thinking that ultimately does it. Remember, there are rich people even during a war! (and fit people, and so forth).

Humanity doesnt stop.

People dont stop living …

And so forth.

Anyway – fitness wise, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System if you have not already.

And enough already with the “I am” crap when you’re not.

(if you are, chances are you wont need the affirmation, chances also are you should be aiming for MORE).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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