“Nothing prepares you for it”
- Some random thoughts - again!

If you’ve ever met someone that has been working hard for years, going through the grind, the tough times – the unimaginably tough and down times, yet kept the VISION – persisted – and has ultimately forced the Universe to give up whatever goal he or she is seeking – well, you’ve not only met just a doer – but chances are this same person will say, or feel the following

“I’ve been planning it for years but nothing prepares you for it”.

Same thing whether you win Wimbeldon, write a bestselling book, win an Olympic, or start an ultimately successful biz for one.

As they say about Amazon, or Jeff does.

I started a company, but certainly not the one you see today.

Things build, compound, often in ways unimaginable (as with Amazon) – often in ways you never thought of – except perhaps subconsciously.

Nothing prepares you for the FEELING – of that ultimate success you’ve been working long and hard for …

Why do I say this?

Well, fitness wise, when I first started getting called a movie star – a “guy in super shape” – and many other such things “Ironman” – “Rambo” – and so forth – as opposed to the exact opposite “phat” – “obese” – “lazy” and so forth (I never was lazy, but…) – well, I felt the same damn way.

Often I would say “me”? (silently).


I’m just the average dude with a higher than average work ethic that sits at home, drinks his beer, pounds out 7000 plus words a day … Hehe. And more.

I love drinking tea in the garden on warm winter afternoon’s, I love me my daily climbs, but I also love being out in Nature, uninterrupted.

it’s a side of me I guess I rarely show people, what with all the marketing, all the sales, business, and so forth going on …

But it’s very much there, its why I have so many internet businesses (that actually make money despite what so called pundits say about that age dying out a long time ago, despite what people say about recessions now – bottom line – if you can hit the spot, if you can give people what they need, what will benefit them, if you can show them what is possible – you will ALWAYS make money – and it will be a byproduct, which as it should be) …

But anyway, those words, those compliments, it all sounded alien to me.

I’m used to it now, of course, but again, why do I say all this – well, not to talk about me – not to prove I’m a “fitness God” as some people call me (rightly in many regards, hehe) (or troll me, that can be said too, but I love it all) (I’m loving the “attention” as a lady once told me! She’s right!) … but to show YOU what is possible.

It’s to show you how YOU will feel once you accomplish your fitness goal – any goal – nature of fitness though (at least the way I train you) is that you accomplish OTHER life goals while you’re at it too, almost without knowing it.

And you just feel awesome.

Hell, the first time I was asked for an autograph on Fast and Furious Fitness, a book I wrote in 2010, tears came to my eyes – almost.

Stiff upper lip, Jeeves, I know.

But it just felt …I mean, damn – and that wasn’t the only request I had. (that was in 2021 from John Walker when we were doing the “specials” on the “Collector’s Edition” of the book).

When he used the word “honored” (I think, if not that, maybe another similar word) – man, I had to write back and tell him I was equally honored!

There are many such instances I could point out. I’m using that word “instance” more and more often. Hehe.

But – whatever it is, thats the whole point of not just all my businesses, but everything I do in life in general.

As a certain Tracy once told me (when I had next to nothing) –

“You’re always so positive!”

That I try to be

– and am naturally!

So it should be for YOU TOO, my friend.

And the point of all this – to inspire you, to show YOU what is possible – fitness wise, life wise, to help YOU become the BEST you possible, and then some, and THAT is the entire purpose of all my writing, biz, all of it …

And THAT, really is the lesson here.

Think about what is POSSIBLE.

Open thy mind.

Then do what you have to do to get there.

End of “sermon” – though it’s true. Hehe. The best ones always ARE.

Anyway, to get the fitness system that will get you on the path to super fitness right quick – and get you RESULTS quick too if you do it the way I teach – grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

And some of our other products too.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee