Some of my culinary “achievements”, heh
- Or NOT ..

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The daughter once shook her head when I spoke about maybe making her some garlic bread – which I LOVE – although bread by and large is one of the worst things you can put into your body – even “brown” bread.

Much like she gaped when she saw me in a T shirt and jeans, sunglasses and all, I remember the wife saying “you’ve always seen him in shorts at home, so …”


But really, for someone thats authored – or in this case, co-authored I should say, Dish Delicious “during happier times” if you get my drift (that book could really have gone on for four or more volumes!) – I’ve been surprisingly lax in terms of writing about some of the cooking yours truly has done on his lonesome.

It’s a skill, like any other I still remember John, a customer once telling me.

So true, John.

And it’s actually interesting sometimes, even relaxing – provided you’ve all the ingredients, equipment – and of course, plenty of cold beer along with it. Hehe. I could cook for hours with a beer in hand!

Anyway …

Rump roasts. Mmmm! (not EVEN referring to the Bozo here).

Fried chicken and black eyed peas (I know, I know. No watermelon with it, but I love that too. hehe).

Rice and gravy – thick gravy – the Western sort though, not the spicier Indian curries which are awesome too, I’d love to learn how to make one of my favorites “butter chicken”!

Kidney beans, Broccoli, a lot of veggies actually.

BEEF! YES! Definitely – I’ve even done burgers in the “oven” – while that might sound crazy, and while as my friend Rueben once told me “the whole damn place was smelling of beef for days!” – they actually taste pretty good if done right

Yes, you can “broil” or “bake” beef patties in the oven!

Again, if you do it right – but they taste pretty damn good I feel, not the same taste obviously as you get when you grill ’em (which to be honest is an art unto itself as well, what with the different marinades, types of charcoal etc you can use) – but still damn good.

All of it hits the spot so well after BEER. Hehe. Or even without it …

(it will also make you FAT if you dont workout with it!)

Let see, what else … Various types of chicken (broiled, baked, especially marinaded stuff) .

Closest I’ve ever come to cooking Chinese is Western style stir fry (believe me what passes for Chinese food in the West ain’t even close to what you get in mainland China where eating fish alive is but the start, where people grind out cigarette butts on plates, but really -both taste damn good i.e. the Western style Chinese, Asian style, initially I wasn’t used to the latter, now that I am, especially Hunan. Yum!) …

Indian, well, I’d say NEVER. Hehe.

There’s probably other things I haven’t mentioned – oh yes, STEAKS! I’ve grilled them, pan fried them, done everything with them damn near. Hehe.

Probably lots of other things too, but for a guy that loves beer, strangely enough, I have never brewed on an anywhere near professional level.

Maybe someday.

I’ve tried making pineapple beer – which went somewhat OK, but was so strong I never drank it again.

(a very popular drink in South Africa apparently, I learned of it during COVID when alcohol was banned there, and people were lining up to buy pineapples instead. Hey, dont blame ’em, hehe).

In 2018, I tried brewing beer the way the ancient Egyptians did it – from bread. Turned out SO luke “not strong” – I could drink pails of it and not even feel it, come to think of it, I can drink pails of light Chinese beer all day and not feel it, so maybe that wasn’t bad beer after all!

But really, I’d like to get into it on a more professional level, maybe someday.

Maybe someday you guys will see 0 Excuses Fitness BEER out there. Hehe.

T shirts, sweatshirts, even sweat bands, all of it is very much in the works, all a matter of putting it out there – or on this site for one.

I’ve even got samples lying around, so it’s just time to take it to the next level there (to place pre-orders, contact me, we’ll have a sales page up shortly for that sort of thing).

But thats it, basically …

And back to fitness, thats what we’ll always be doing, first and foremost, the rest will flow from there, as it should.

From the 0 Excuses Fitness System, as it were.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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