That overdependency on food I keep talking about…
- And on many other things...

Being dependent on something – or someone – is always a bad idea, my friend.

You’re seeing that play out in one way in Europe right now with the “energy crisis” (really though when I think about it “why didnt you prepare, you were TOLD this could happen, it’s basic freaking common sense eh” – and now crying about your adversary “taking advantage of it” while your own sanctions are riddled with loopholes from the get go – utter lunacy and the height of illogical behavior to be frank) – another way of thinking about it is the overdependency on “big government” in the US now, and more and more since Biden came to power (how he did is another story!).

Skyrocketing inflation and all that , well, I’ve been saying it a long damn time.

You gotta pay the Piper sometime, and unlimited stimulus funds, money being pumped into people’s accounts, well all of that has gotta come from SOMEWHERE, you know?

And basic economics – too much money, lots of savings in banks (during 2020) – obviously prices of goods will go up.

It could be dependency on a person – or a service.

Always have more than one option – preferably many.

Or, it could be addiction to the internet – social media – a lot of “evils” that are so present in our society today. But lets cut to the chase – food?

I’ve spoken about this a lot. And again, dont get me wrong. Food – one of our “base” requirements – food, sleep, and fornication. Hehe. Or phocking as people love to call it.

Look, crass jokes/truisms aside (another being the eternal truism of what the great, in my opinion at least Jean Claude Van Damme once rightly pointed out about “the whole world loves to see two men fight”) …

We need those things – the last, well, most more than some. Hehe.

But to a certain extent, food, sleep – well, we all need those.

But what we dont need though is OVERDEPENDENCY on any of it…

Lets talk sleep – people dont get their “8 hours a night” and then wake up moaning about it.


I’ve been wanting to make bread for a long time.

Last afternoon, as I kneaded dough in the kitchen, something that despite my “alright” skills in the kitchen (admittedly NOT practiced for a long damn time!) I’ve NEVER done in my life – started last afternoon though … I was thinking about this, I was thinking about this morning on the throne too. Hehe.

Or maybe “off it”. OK, nasty visual, I know (so much for those who say visualization is a crock?)


My cooking – I’ve been known to eat beef raw out of the microwave when drunk, blood dripping off it.

OK, that was only once!

But no, I can make some great roasts in the crockpot, perhaps some good rice and gravy, corn on the cob – the eternal “go to” “Hamburger Helper” (if you call that cooking, hehe) – several veggies, I can do up a pretty good BBQ with pork and chicken …

Burgers, and such ..

I’m not a bad cook actually, especially not when accompanied by a few brews, and maybe a maiden or two.

But anyway, as I kneaded dough last afternoon, I thought it would be a good warmup for my grip workout, but it wasnt but the point of this email isn’t to tell you that the flatbread (Indian cooking) turned out WONDERFUL.

Indian cooking and Chinese cooking, man, the spices, the recipes, the sheer TIME it takes in the kitchen, the complexity – cooking Western style food is EASY in comparison!

Maybe if you’re cooking genuine Italian pizzas and stuff (Mike Pompeo, anyone. Hehe) or sphagetti – it’s different. I dont know. But by and large, cooking in Asia – unless its bare bones – man! Even the simplest of things seem so complicated…

But anyway, it turned out wonderful, first time in my life at the age of almost 42, Indian flatbreads. Hehe.

But anyway – the overdependency I’m talking about, have been talking about?

People complain too much about everything anyway. And with inflation etc, people are complaining even more.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not advocating you starve to death or skip meals or what not.

On the other hand, think about this – what if your body genuinely needs a break from digesting all that food you pump into it daily?

That internal machinery, the digestive forces, your liver, all of it needs time to recharge, and come back stronger – just like your muscles.

Occasional fasting, for a day or two – is something that shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, EVERYONE should do it, period.

And ditto for skipping meals etc.

You may think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and “three squares” and so forth, but here’s the bottom line, those truisms held fast in the good ole days when people did a lot of physical labor, now, sitting at the ‘puter all day long – that dont apply no more my friend.

It hasn’t for years.

I mean, the truth is this, even TODAY with all the whining about prices and all this going on, people are putting way more INTO their bodies than they are burning off, its that simple.

Look at the bellies around you everywhere you go, that’ll tell ya.

Sometimes it IS that simple ie. caloric input vs output.

And even if you did heavy physical labor, I’ll tell you this – skipping meals is probably the Best thing you can do for your muscular system as well if you do it right and obviously occasionally.

Your body needs a BREAK sometimes, period.

And the mental feeling, the exhiliration – the feeling of not being “dependent” on food entirely, the knowledge that you can go without, and survive – and thrive – and come back better the next day – trust me, it’s something everyone should experience at least once.

Anyway …

Bottom line – DEPENDENCY, and especially over dependency, never a good thing.

I’ve spoken about diet in my great book on it, the Simple and Effective Diet. The next edition will probably cover fasting in detail, something I did intermittently without even knowing it starting at the age of around 36, and THIS year I’ve really ramped it up – well, this year and the last. Big time!

And of course, fitness wise, make sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Never a bad idea to be dependent there, hey, you can control your own body, and thats all you need to do in this system!


Rahul Mookerjee

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