“Coz when shit hits the fan, you gotta be READY!”
- I always have been - instinctively.

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Instinctively, this is one of those things that has been there with me since birth – whether by choice or necessity – perhaps more of the latter than the former.

In James Hadley Chase’s “The Vulture is a Patient Bird” – one of my favorite books by far (from him) – he writes about Fennel, a vicious thief … with what he terms “an acute self of self preservation” – to the point where the dude gets plastered out of his mind on a bottle of whisky, but still doesnt sleep “fully unconscious”.

I can relate to the latter bit of it, no matter how much I imbibe…

Gotta have that control (I didnt always have it, but thats a different tale).


The other day I saw a discussion on Twitter about some girl asking if you could watch a movie over and over again and never get bored of it, which one.

I replied Bloodsport.

Of course, she knew nothing about it, so I told her it was about martial arts (which she in a very cute manner spelt “marshal”, hehe) – and JCVD’s break through movie etc, I doubt she even knows who is. Hehe.

Maybe if she hears his accent she’ll want to. LOL.

But really (nothing against JCVD there by the way, legend in my book always!) … other than the Rambo series, I should have mentioned the Bourne Supremacy.

Thats another classic in my book, Damon – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it one more time – NO-ONE could have pulled that role off better than he did.

And #2 in the movie series (obviously Ludlum’s book was far better than all the movies, but thats always the case eh) is by far my favorite.

Bourne sprints.

Not to mention that car chase through Moscow – and the foot chase through Berlin.

My favorites were, are and remain the first and last.

I could watch that movie forever for that.

And while there’s plenty of lessons to be learnt from the movie series if you dont hem and haw and actually observe, this one lesson stands out.

“Be prepared – always”.

Coz when shit hits the fan, bro, it does so – all at once.

Either mentally or physically, and the first can fully happen only with the second.

The second, only with the first.

They go together.

And when it’s time to do or die, when that times comes – it may never, but what if it does – to SAVE your ass – or someone whose life you truly value – when it’s truly crunch time – CAN you get her done, or can you just gape, talk and do nothing?

Or, will you be one of the hordes observing the man DOING IT?

Can you pull off a Sig Klein if you had to?

CAN you jump off a building or what not if you had monkey bars to grab on to, and then monkey your way across, then dive into the pool, swim, and so forth?

Extreme examples ,but you need not take them that extreme, modify to your situation, and believe me, shit happens – just ask or “telepath”, hehe – Sig Klein for one, or any of the other old timers if you don’t believe me.

In the modern world, people dont believe in being prepared physically.

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once rightly said, EVERY man should have BASIC self defense skills.

You dont need a black belt if you dont want one, you aint gotta win the UFC if you dont want to, and so forth but basic fighting skills, a must in my book for one.

Most men today… well, enough said. The less said the better.

Anyway, being prepared is a GREAT idea, my friend.

And nothing will prepare and prep you for all out sprints better than my book Advanced Hill Training, which can be done just as easily on flat land if you so choose.

Much like the Bourne Supremacy, it’s an underrated, oft forgotten gem.

Get it NOW

And that is that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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