Pulling with your triceps.
- And more.

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A hard enough concept for most people to grasp, yet it’s true.

Much like the REAL meaning behind what Emil Coue, famous French shrink was fond of saying to his patients (not the Glyn-Hannibal sorts of course, those are beyond hope, those WITH hope) …

“Every day, day by day, I’m getting better and better”.

These may sound like mere words (his exact quote probably did not include the first two words).

What he told his patients was to repeat it to themselves daily.

Yet, simply repeating it wont do the trick.

You have to BE it.

Repeating it will help you be IT – if you really FEEL it – and WANT it.

I realize that sounds cryptic, but so be it.

Much like affirmations which the gurus claim will help you dont work – they have the reverse effect, same thing here.

If your a blob on couch right now, simply repeating those words won’t turn you into a fitness freak for one.

But anyway, pulling with triceps?

Yes, that concept I keep talking about when it comes to one of the most difficult exercises to do for most people, pull-ups.

Or, their faraway cousin chin ups, but lets focus on pull-ups.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I say it in my world famous “one of a kind” as readers have said so many times before (and they are right) books on pull-ups …

It’s TRICEP strength, much like with pushups, that really counts.

Dont get me wrong.

Grip, back, all works together, but with weak triceps, you’ll never get anywhere on pull-ups.

Hence, the importance of doing pushups, specifically those I mention in the books to get better at pull-ups (one of the things). (one of the MAN – MAIN – things, hehe).

In Over the Top, that arm wrestling movie, you see Sly in the truck after being released from an overnight stay at the local precinct, hehe – heading to Vegas.

Full on fight mode he’s in, furiously pulling away with his apparatus in the truck while driving, REALLY putting the whole body into it like he told his son to, except his son would not listen saying “uh, boring”.

Thats exactly what you did with the lumberjack swings I promote and write about so much.

Much like when you throw someone, you put the whole BODY into the movement.

You dont just focus on the arms, it’s a whole body, specifically CORE – the power, as in everything, comes from the core – movement.

This same thing, friend, applies to pull-ups.

No, the common wisdom spouted about “triceps push, biceps pull” is only a quarter or less of the real story.

And if Mother Nature had intended for it to be a 50/50 action in that regard, then the triceps wouldn’t make up most of the arm.

Much like the common wisdom of “big biceps=big arms” – no, it’s big triceps that do it – the logic of “pushing is more important than pulling” is WRONG.

If I had to compare both, pulling always come out on top with pushing a close, very close, and equally essential second.

Ask any wrestler or boxer, martial artist, they’ll all tell you.

Much like the back of the body is far more important then the front in terms of training “can you back your shyt up” – that saying is TRUE in more regards than one.

Anyway …

To go from zero to hero at pull-ups – or DUD to STUD – get “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” NOW.

And to proceed to super stud level at pull-ups, a “godly” level most people never get to, but want to, get “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks!” – NOW.

Apply those lessons, and be prepared to be STUNNED.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Think this is just hyperbole? Wait until I share Justin’s story of going to 25 pull-ups in a row (from zero) using the very techniques I outline, underline and OUTLAY in the FIRST book …

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