The different between a REAL business – and a side gig.
- Life comes to the fore again. Heh.

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Man, this morning I was reading a paragraph of Harry Potter – one of those big books JK Rowling (finally a success at 43, I believe, after years of heartbreaking backbreaking STRUGGLE) wrote …

.. the print was too tiny, the content for me not interesting, so I put it down with the thoughts “dang, it’s been a while since I read a book!”

Not really a long time, I keep flipping open those dog eared James Hadley Chase books I have, but really, a read like Ludlum would provide – that sort of read I ain’t had in a while!

Maybe when I fly again. It was always a routine for me to buy a book during a flight, and read it on flight …

I was so fanatical about it I wouldn’t open the book till I was firmly onboard and ensconced in my seat. Hehe.

Anyway …..

I first wrote this post here. I guess this is iteration #3, hehe.

But as I keep talking to people that I work with, people in general I know, and people that … despite all their redeeming, highly outstanding qualities, people that do great work, people that are HIGHLY qualified (especially some of my translators) – I notice something – or think about something.

Despite all of that, SOMETHING is missing.

A while back, a great customer here Panourgias wrote back saying

“I see something in you!”

“Even if the books didnt have any fitness value (which they do) – I’d still buy them, because I enjoy reading them”.

And more.

He is right.

And that something is what I do not see in most people, even those with good jobs – those making (ostensibly) a lot of money – and so forth.

People dont have the gumption, the vision, the will to STICK IT OUT – the long term focus, and so forth.

This morning I was talking to yet another translator who – and she’s right in many ways – was lamenting the lack of $$ she was making through translation and so forth.

And that isnt a new gripe I’ve heard – people in general whine about it a lot.

She wasn’t whining, she was just being factual …

But really, as I sit here at this stage, I wonder.

A lot of these people could have, by now, started their own businesses – wrote their own books – made their own sales, did what I do.

Believe me, the odds are these guys and their own situations – we all have ’em – were in many regards far easier and less complicated than what yours truly had.

Or JK Rowling had. Hehe. Three kids, writing when she could at night, yet, that high quality work.

“Life finds a way”, as Malcolm rightly pointed out in Jurassic Park.

If it truly want to, it does. Somehow. Sometime. Somewhere.

As I sit here thinking of more ways to expand, while my “Competitors” are focused on competition and so forth “what is the other guy doing and how to better him” – I think of how to better myself, and the many ways in which I do it, and can do it, but I also think – what is stopping these people from doing it?


Except that one intangible Napoleon Hill never mentioned by word in Think and Grow Rich.

I won’t mention it here either.

Because it truly is one of those things that as Hill said, I could tell you, but it would deprive you of many of the benefits you would get if you found out about it yourself.

I aint lying either.

A long time ago, a certain “John” told me (not John Walker, another guy) “I think you have what it takes to make it, Rahul, you’re one of the few that do” (this was in 2008).

I never did continue the I.T business, John!

I do on the side.

But what I really do, what I really should have focused on a long time ago before I started to, well, thats a lesson Napoleon Hill outlines in “Outwitting the Devil” too – read it, and you’ll know.

I get nothing for mentioning the books above, I just do because they will help YOU. That is all. Not everything is about $$.

A great customer here John Walker told me at the start of 2022 that he believed I’d be in my best form yet this year.

And we’ve still got three months left. Hehe.

The countdown IS ON!

And until now, it’s been … well, I wont say a bed of roses, but if you’re the long term thinker that embraces the future, and not the “temporary”, you’ll know what I mean.

Come to think of it, that is precisely what is missing in most people ,and thats fine. To each his – or her own.

Anyway …

Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore offer you MANY a life lesson of this nature.

Priceless tips, my friend, much like the grip tips I give you in Gorilla Grip – TIPS! (I’m SO behind on Volume Two for that one).

And of course, none of it is complete without the best, most effective, and results producing – from day one – fitness system out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Have at.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I hate to say it, but the axiom “if you can’t stand the heat, dont get in the kitchen is TRUE”. Life wise, fitness wise, everything.

As in,  how much pain are YOU willing to take? And EMBRACE, knowing it’s but temporary?

The answer for most is ZERO … (they think it’s a lot, in reality it’s next to zero).

So be it. The select few know what I BE talking about though.

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