A SOLID Brisk – I mean REALLY BRISK! – walk!
- And not necessarily uphill either.

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Here’s a simple workout virtually anyone regardless of their current fitness levels should be able do to for SOME length of time (though given a lot of folks, as lazy as people have gotten and as fat and with fitness levels approaching zero, with “fat” being molly coddled and looked upon as “dont body shame me BS” or the slightly less/more shameless excuse of “we’re all built differently”) (hint – it ain’t about build bro, it’s about FAT – PHAT!) perhaps even that is asking too much) …

Put one leg in front of the other, and walk.

Not even uphill if you dont want to, on level ground – except do it at a pace short of power walking, but just short.

Sort of at a brisk pace where you can keep talking as you walk – like maybe someone was cycling next to you at a “slow” pace if you get my drift.

Do this for about 15-20 minutes if you can.

It’s a nice change from weights, bodyweight or not- or home workouts – nice change in general, it’s simple – and believe me, everyone regardless of their fitness level will feel it in their BONES if done right.

I did this today this afternoon for 20 minutes, and I feel … not exhausted, not fatigued, but ALIVE – yet, I can feel I worked out.

And you can do this uphill, of course, but it’s different, the PACE, and maintaining it is really key.

If you do this, and nothing else, lots of you will lose oodles of weight – guaranteed – if you walk the right way (see Advanced Hill Training for more on that) – you might find WALKING – and then sprinting (well, running, then sprinting) becomes your “to go” workout with not much else needed, nothing would be wrong with that either (provided you throw in isometrics, pull-ups and such).

Those of you constipated, with IBS and such (there are plenty) – well, you’ll lose more than just weight if you get my drift, and QUICK. Hehe.

But what if – yes, you knew this part was coming. Hehe. Truth be told I could end the email here, but I wont.

Not just to make a sale either.

What if – you could get that same workout done in way less the time?

Trust me, 100 squats done right get you huffing and puffing, and don’t take more than 3-4 minutes tops done right.

(most people dwadle, lose focus, make excuses, and take donkey’s years to do even 50, if they can even get to that number)


50 by that yardstick shouldn’t take more than 1:10 (since your fresh when you start) – or 1:30 -2 minutes tops, even if you get the same benefits in 2 minutes tops, wouldn’t you be a fool not to take it?

Of course!

ANd thats what is so special about the 0 Excuses Fitness System not taught ANYWHERE else, you get workouts done QUICK – with 10x the result.

You can literally not just see, but feel your body changing in front of you, the PHAT shifting – and thus forth.

Now – ultimate spanner in the works?

Do squats replace walking, and vice versa?

Answer is NO to both.

Walking is a natural activity that you should do regularly for the rest of your life, whether you do anything else or not, the benefits of putting one foot in front of the other as Mother NAture truly intended us to do stretch WAY beyond the physical and even mental.

Nothing beats it, or replaces it, yet, squats?

Same damn thing.

BOTH should be done, and done together, and regularly.

I’ve often said you shouldn’t sprint after squatting – especially high reps.

Whether or not you squat after sprinting is up to you – chances are you’ll be too fatigued though if done right?

But in terms of walking, none of that applies, you can do it together, before – or after, and let me tell you if all you did was nothing but squat and walk briskly the rest of your life, you’d have an upper body most gym gorillas that idolize and worship the bench for one can only DREAM of.

Trust me on this one, been there, done that.

And thats enough incentive to go 0 Excuses, me thinks…

For me, at least!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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