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Some of the lecturing my wife does to me, when I’ve asked something completely UNRELATED to the issue – it never fail to make me giggle internally and go “wtf”.

Like when you’ve got people that have never started or run their own show give others lectures about “how tough it is to run businesses”, and how X and Y guys work soooooooooooooo hard because its a family business (like a certain Ricky who was basically given it all – I mean look, I’m not judging, but the fact is simple and this – the FOUNDER is the one that really goes through more hell – and happiness than many other, it’s that simple – it;s one thing to run and continue an already successful biz, it’s quite another to start it from scratch with the odds and deck STACKED – big time – against you).

Fight that all you like, my friend, but it’s true. Hell, dont even ask me, ask anyone that has done it -myself included.

Anyway, I dont quite reply back to those things, but all I said?

I was commenting on how my sister’s daughter – interesting how I find a long way to say “niece”, hehe loves to apparently yell like a Banshee every time she goes out with her grand mother and in general, and never stops.

And all I did was point out the similarity between my wife’s yelling and my sister’s – at the kid.

To her credit, Granny does all of her yellin at me, always has. Hehe (and sister when younger) – not the two grandkids as far as I can tell.

Ditto for Grandpaw.

But Nazi feminists will be Nazi feminists, my friend, there are no two ways around that, the similarities manifest whether they love each other or hate (no prizes for guessing which) – and if you want to experience the closest thing to a looney tune bin without actually being in one, live in a house with three women of varying ages, backgrounds and such – and two that show up “nosey parkers” or “busybodies” as the case might be when they so choose.


Lots of you dont want it, but lots of you are apparently, from a lot of the comminiques I get – hey, gotta get fancy! – ARE stuck with it whether you like it or not (what Dad’s stance on this, only he knows – actually I DO know – but I wont say it. Pointless, hehe).

Anyway ……

Reason I said that?

I gotta say, honestly, at least my wife’s yelling while more cantankerous and intense ends after a while, my sister’s seems to go on like forever.

Huge … ugh!

I asked my wife why.

Apparently some nonsense about, of course, “being seperated from the father” – of course in that case, “it’s always the girl’s fault”.

In this case apparently my sister’s for staying at home.

Well, the husband must have been with her, I interjected.

Nah. He has a business to run, didnt you know. Hehe.

I was going to mention someone else who was there during birth of his own daughter, someone whose always been there in spirit if not always in person, someone who had to leave and do what he did due to circumstance, but of course.

I didnt.

Would be pointless.

To win against Nazi feminists, my friend, remember this one line Vladimir Putin once famously said “there is no point arguing with women. they take liberties because they are WEAK”.

And by and large, the man was right. He might as well have said what I’ve been thinking for years and years … come to think of it, I’ve been saying it before he ever did, to be honest.

Anyway – fitness wise, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your ticket, my friend.

Life wise, you’ll want to place an order for (or a pre-order, rather) Profit Troll … this book will teach you so many damn lessons on life that I’m surprised I’m giving away the pre-order at the price I am for now.

(if you’re Buttler Glyn reading this, and I can feel his beady little eyes watering as he reads this, Glyn – you MUST get this book – NOW – it’ll teach you things about your trolly self even your own Mama didnt know. Hehe). (you sure didnt).

(poor Mama, I must say. She gave birth to him, yes, but … ugh!) (sometimes, you can’t help but…)

And to win against Nazi feminists, you can either bang your head against the wall – do what they do “rant and rave” – and get nowhere.

Or, you can do what is mentioned in the book on COMABTING and profiting from it – and get somewhere – HANDSOMELY At that.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This Banshee Central at the ole homestead doesn’t extend to yours truly and men in general, apparently the job there is to be a you know what and just “listen”.

Ah, the lunacy, I so love observing it -not.

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