Falling asleep on the toilet, and then some…
- Hehe

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I can hear you snickering already, I wouldn’t blame you.

And a lot of you, I can hear you (if a certain Dave is reading this, which he probably is not, or if his girl is reading this, if she is, I’ve no idea) – or any frat boy in general (I’m no fan of frats by the way, and Dave I doubt was a frat boy – he used to work hard labor back in the day – but then morphed into … well, fat x 100000000 and more) (happens if you run a successful bar, hehe) (he’s a great guy btw) … anyway, I can hear a lot of you thinking “hmm, been there, done that”.

The drunken night out, and you wake up on the toilet – either butt naked or not.

Falling asleep on the toilet was something Dave’s girlfriend often ranted about (in a nice way) on wechat groups and such back in the day, he was hardly the only one either with those “wild” (again, in a good way) parties going on.

Pity the dude didnt mix more common sense into his activities, doing what he did in China while ultimately landed him in the slammer for years – not necessarily a good thing, and he ain’t a China newbie by far either.

Case of bribes gone awry I suspect, and more, pissing off the wrong damn people.

Anyway …………..

How did I think of this “memory from college” – if you have it, along with streaking down naked hallways, not because you want to, but because for some reason you’ve ended up butt naked on the toilet (luckily WITH your room keys in hand, hehe) (all true stories from a certain somebody, and really, tame compared to a certain Glyn Schofield who literally showed up to work drunk and took a dump once in a class – at least these guys, it was the usual “boys night out”) …


Well, I was sitting in my perfectly patented “Rahul Mookerjee style squat” in Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

And so relaxing it was that along with the strange “in between weather” outdoors, yours truly fell asleep – almost.

I was thinking. Ruminating, Must have spent over 10 minutes in that position (most people can’t do it to start with, let alone sit like that for ages) …

And all in my room, and suddenly?

I felt myself falling over.

“Good thing I didnt fall into the commode”, I can hear myself snickering to my little girl, if she was there that is, which she ain’t, but she’d have laughed uproariously.

The wife of course would have made a face going “what a poor joke” or some nonsense.

Such is life.

But really, that squat, my friend, that isometric – it loosens you up beyond belief, it makes you feel like a billion bucks, it is one of the best hamstring/hip workouts ever, it lends itself to meditation, you cure yourself of health problems aplenty in that pose, and well, along with all the other great poses in the book – the EXERCISES that the old timers and old time strongmen used to build their incredible strength and power (remember, all in the ligaments!) … it is a MUST to get good, damn good at it.

And you wont learn this sort of thing anywhere else, trust me.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

PS – Already have Isometric and Flexibility Training – already getting better?

I hear ya…

Well, get Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training then, truly taking isometrics to a new level.

And, please dont email me asking “how to buy” when the links are right there.

hey how how can i buy this!!!!!!

went a certain somebody  I aint even gonna name here.

Like dude, just click the damn link, is it that damned complicated? I doubt it!

Pea brains aside though, SOMETIMES there is a legit reason for asking that kinda stuff – like what happened once, a “pre-order” now button wasn’t there on a sales page of mine, of course, luck would have it the dude who asked me a question on that one wanted to pre-order just THAT product. Hehe.

Classic case of always covering all your bases – your weakest link needing to be strengthened (in a way) – remember, that dude ultimately paid me over $2300, and hes still a member of the Ship …going strong!

Anyway, thats that.

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