Like a tiger, and how my programs can help you get there…
- Big time, minus maybe the roar. Hehe.

If you can see the subtitle of this email (some readers dont allow it, which is fine) – you’ll see what I wrote was “minus the roar”.

Yet, as I think about it – roar?

You’ll roar even louder, as much as you can if you digest what I’m about to tell you and APPLY to your own training (and if you aren’t a cheapskate).

I’ve made my feelings very clear in the past about this “lion being the king of the jungle” crap that for some reason stuck in the English language.

True, the Brits probably invented English, the English lions and so forth notwithstanding, hehe – the TIGER, my friend, is the REAL king of the jungle.

The lion doesnt even live in the jungle – does it?

And it’s a lazy ass in terms of hunting, at least the male lion (females, different).

That tiger is stronger, more agile, physically far more capable – perhaps the reason yours truly likes it far better than the lion is the mystical look it has about it.

Not to mention tigers are far more intelligent than every other big cat, jaguars (my other favorite big cat) included.

All of what I’ve said above can be proven by fact scientifically.

Or, “experience” if you’ve ever seen lions and tigers fight.

The tiger is ferocious, and does NOT go for the “long haul”.

The lion on the other hand does, and is built for just that.

Which ain’t entirely bad, but with the amount of stealth, speed and cunning – and backed up by way more weight and muscle than the lion has – not to mention the X factor (as Jim Corbett once wrote “there is no more of a gentleman in the forest than the tiger. If you’re sleeping and let the tiger be, it will pass you on it’s own and do nothing at all to you – this was said to a young boy walking about in the forest with tigers, perhaps Corbett himself when young!) …

… The tiger wins nine times out of 10, if not TEN.

Bottom line.

Anyway, big cats in general are awesome.

Cat like speed, strength and agility is what I promote…

The other day, my wife JUMPED – and almost hit the ceiling (which she often does).

Why – well, she went into a fully lit room – and there I was.

Doing nothing, but staring into the distance on my tippy toes.

Ruminating, thinking ,meditating as I so often do …

Goals, the lot … and she’s used to me, remember.

And the squeal she emitted, and then the look I gave her, the look that she gave back, the two subconsciouses talking – enough was said.

Then, the conscious took over.

“Am I even uglier than before” I quipped.


I had to!

“You scared me! I knew there was monkeys outside, so I didnt want them to jump on me, but you?”

(India, for whatever reason, monkeys, dogs, cats, all see fit to walk about in the cities as they see fit, apparently no-one thinks the civic authorities should put ’em in a shelter or something, apparently no-one gives much of a flying fuck either) …


That part of my training is more mental than physical.

But physcially, if you had that tiger like speed, stealth and agility – flexibility too?

Well, here’s the things.

MOST of the workouts I advocate – especially the big 3 – all done on your tip toes like a cat.

MOST of them, if not all, done QUICK – with the right breathing and mental focus.

Heck, in Animal Kingdom Workouts I even give you the exact way to walk like a tiger – or pelican, for you booby building lot out there, hehe – or ligers (nah, I didnt put liger in the book) – or … well, the mighty bear.

The Grizzly and the Tiger, now that would be a battle and a half, I couldn’t even choose my favorite animal out of those two!

But end of the day, nine times out of ten, I’d say what my buddy from the Marines said about it.

“Nothing can beat a grizzly!” 

I agree.

That brute force, that clubbing, it would likely WIN. Even with a Siberian Tiger in ole “Rossiya”, hehe.

But I dont quite agree with what he said about the lion winning battles against the tiger…

But anyway, he saw that one case when it happened! Hehe.

According to him lions are pack animals so they fight a lot more than the solitary tiger, therefore, the fighting “instinct” is there.

My take on it, the X factor and STEALTH – and KILLER instinct is there far more in the tiger “because to do it alone, you gotta develop those attributes along with the physical”.

Anyway – strength of a grizzly?

If you want to develop those clubbing paws, my friend, you do it the way the grizzly does.

Flat footed workouts, which I teach you as well, and of course, the bear crawl in Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Most fitness “experts” teach you one way to do it, and I dont blame them, thats all they’ve learnt and known.

But there are MANY ways to do it, my friend.

And I teach you all of them (no, tippy toes isn’t exactly the only alternative either).

My programs my friend, can truly help you get to the levels of strength, fitness, health and agility you so desire and DESERVE – not necessarily in that fuckin order either, if you get my drift.

Now, it’s up to you. 

(as the wise man said in Rambo II, “This time it’s up to YOU!” – and it IS).

(taking action boils down to You, not me – I can but show you the way, the rest is up to you, you and only YOU).

And thats that. Truly the bottom fuckin line…did I cuss enough already? Hehe. I love doing it – snowflakes globally truly get so pissed off by my language!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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